Why Clean Your Air Conditioner After the Holidays

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For the air conditioner to function properly it is important that the filters are always in good condition. In these hot summer months, the air conditioners spend a lot of time running and that is why it is advised that when the summer season is over-cleaning is done.

Why Clean Your Air Conditioner After the Holidays
Why Clean Your Air Conditioner After the Holidays

That your air conditioner is in good condition can mean a great reduction in the electricity bill. The device will not need so much energy to reach the optimum temperature, which means a great saving at the end of the month.


How to clean the air conditioner?

Depending on the air conditioner you have, you will have to clean it differently. In many devices, the filters are disposable and simply have to be replaced. The air conditioner will have a grill in front (the protective grill) that can be removed to remove the filters. You just have to buy some new filters and change them.

In the event that your air conditioner has permanent filters, they will need manual cleaning. The filter must be removed from the front and immersed in a mixture of water and distilled white vinegar, for 1 hour.

It can also be washed with soap and water but it is advisable to use white vinegar because it helps eliminate harmful organisms. It is important to be very careful when cleaning the filter and do it gently because if it cannot be broken.


Air conditioning maintenance tips

Although you clean your air conditioner before and after the summer season, it is important that you try to keep the appliance in good condition all year and thus be able to save energy whenever you are going to use it.

We give you some tips to keep the air conditioner in good condition:

  • You have to check the filters periodically even if you are not going to clean them. Depending on where the air conditioner is positioned, you will get more dirt or less.
  • For the team last more years in good working order is important to maintain the temperature between 24 ° C or 25 ° C . The lower the temperature you ask, the more energy you will spend.
  • There are devices that have functions to save as for example Sleep, in which the air conditioner will save energy.
  • Keep the condensation line free. It is the pipe that drains the moisture created by the air. It is advisable to apply some household chlorine.
  • Disconnect the air conditioner when nobody is home, you can use the energy-saving mechanisms that new technologies offer when there is no one in the rooms.


The best air conditioners

The new range of air conditioning GoodhomIDS exceeds the initial regulations with A, A and A equipment. If you get a device with any of these labels you will have a great energy-saving, which will be beneficial for the good environment and for your wallet.

GoodhomIDS guarantees the perfect temperature in your home, both hot and cold. The new domestic range of Air Conditioners of GoodhomIDS is composed of a great variety that includes:

  • Mono Spilts : 1 × 1 units from 2.6 kW to 6.5 kW. These units offer various functions for the best use of the equipment and the consequent energy savings.
  • Multi Spilts Units : with outdoor units from 2 × 1 to 5 × 1 in capacities ranging from 5.3 kw to 12.4 Kw. These units can be combined with any of the GoodhomIDS indoor units to offer multiple air conditioning combinations for every comfort need.
  • Wide range of indoor units in Wall, Floor – Ceiling, Cassette and Duct versions.


In GoodhomIDS we can advise you on the air conditioners that best suit your home. If you have any questions you can contact us or visit our website and find out all the products that will make you enjoy fresh and sustainable evenings in your home in summer and in winter you get a warm and comfortable home.

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