Which Kitchen Cabinets are The Best?

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Which Kitchen Cabinets are The Best? Buying cabinets separately can be difficult at the time of properly filling the spaces in the kitchen, as well as it can be difficult to combine them together. So the best idea for kitchen cabinets is to invest in a complete and modulated kitchen. If you got here you’re interested, are not you? So come with us to learn more about all the beauty and practicality of the complete kitchen cabinets.

Which Kitchen Cabinets are The Best


Advantages of buying complete kitchen cabinet

  • For small spaces, it’s the perfect kitchen cabinet type, because the idea is to compact kitchen furniture in the most organized way, optimizing space. And it works just like that with the full cabinets, where there is space to insert the appliances, taking advantage of every corner of the kitchen, from the ceiling to the floor.
  • For large spaces is also a great option as it helps fill the place well in a functional way, without loss of space or disproportionate concentration.
  • Complete kitchens are considerably cheaper than planned kitchens, being the best option for those who want to change the look of the kitchen. You can save up to 60% when compared to the planned kitchen, just know how to buy so you do not have an error when installing! So the price difference is worth it.
  • There is a huge variety of complete kitchens on the market, just choose! At that time, take into consideration the measures of space, its ideal decoration style and other needs you have for your kitchen.
  • What is the best material for kitchen cabinet?
  • The advantage of having many options of models of complete kitchens to choose from becomes a disadvantage because it makes it difficult at the time of the purchase decision! After all, they are too many options! So, one of the points to filter your choice should be the material.

The choice of material type, coating and finish making all the difference in the quality and durability of your complete kitchen. The most common and sold are steel or wooden kitchens. Compare them below:


Cabinets, wood:

  • They are simpler, more rustic, giving a more traditional air in the house;
  • When properly inserted in the decoration, they can embrace any style, from the simplest to luxurious decorations;
  • Old or demolished woods are the most enduring and most expensive ones too;
  • The type of material that binds good price and quality is MDP wood, but it is not as tough as steel;
  • Have durability affected when the wall of the house is damp (a solution is to place ceramic on the wall, or styrofoam behind the cabinet temporarily);


Stainless Steel Cabinets

  • They are generally sturdier and longer lasting, but many brands of prefabricated furniture do not have the same durability as they do in the past because they make thinner steel sheets;
  • They are part of a more modern and industrial decoration due to the characteristics and metallic finishes;
  • Best choice for wet places due to durability;
  • They are easier furniture in cleaning;
  • They are lighter furniture if the idea is to move from time to time.


Modules of a complete kitchen cabinet

The composition of modules of already complete kitchen cabinets varies according to the size of the furniture chosen. Some brands are also famous for hitting the composition! Among the compartments that you can find forming a complete closet are:

  • Cabinet;
  • Balcony;
  • Niches for microwaves;
  • Niches for conventional ovens;
  • Niches with doors;
  • Air lockers of few or many doors;
  • Corner cabinets;
  • Cabinets of corners;
  • Shelves;
  • Cabinets with hinged doors;
  • Cabinets without doors;
  • Drawers of various cuts;
  • Paneleiros (high or low);
  • Balcony for cooktop;
  • Cooking island;
  • Gourmet island (for cooktop);
  • Among others that vary from brand to brand.


Top Brands of Complete Kitchen Cabinet

Interested in Itatiaia?

If your goal is to spend little on quality furniture, Itatiaia can be a good brand! It is a popular brand with a wide variety of products, for all types of kitchen and pocket. Your cabinets are known to be compact, complete, with good depth, well suited for small kitchens. But it also offers large and ample cabinets, to occupy well the functional space of large kitchens. You can find them for sale in physical stores or online, such as Magazine Luiza, Extra, MadeiraMadeira, Americanas, Bahia Homes, KD Stores, etc.

Cuisines: Kappesberg

Named not so well-known but of approved quality, the brand has a wide variety of separate items for sale, and also complete kitchens of different styles. Some of the stores that you can find this brand are Americanas, Dafiti, Submarino, MadeiraMadeira, KD Stores, etc.

Cuisines: Bertolini

An excellent brand that offers possibilities for the buyer to build his modulated kitchen choosing the ideal furniture. Good for anyone who has a kitchen with different wall sizes or wants more daring. Some of the stores that you can find this brand are American, Submarino, MadeiraMadeira, KD Stores, Carrefour, etc.

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