What Colors Go with Purple?

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What Colors Go with Purple? – Mystic Color is excellence; Violet has long had special applications in the color codes of our societies. But for about ten years, he is the darling of our interiors and brings different ambiance according to his intensity. So what color should I give with purple? Here are some tracks of answers across different universes.

What Colors Go with Purple?

What Colors Go with Purple
Purple Color

Purple and green: a daring and trendy mixture

One would not have correctly bet on the mix of these two secondary colors, but everything is a matter of intensity. By emphasizing a green of water or a khaki with a great plum, the piece is meant to be more soothing. So prefer this kind of wall cladding signed Farrow & Ball in an office or bedroom. If you don’t want to repaint your room, purple cushions on a green chair will spice up your space.


Purple and Brown: for an ethnic style

The ethnic style invades the whole house. And it can be tuned with many different shades. The proof, the Violet Radiant Orchid of Pantone is ideal in a cozy lounge with a large rug, ethnic cushions and some decorative objects (wooden stool, vase, candle holder …) that make us travel. On the ground, solid wood flooring or gray concrete is safe values.


Purple and Black: the Chicissime Combo

For an elegant living room, opt for black furniture and a purple wall cladding. Choose a rather clear and shiny tint, possibly chamarrée to give more relief to space. A touch of white is welcome to energize the whole. Be careful however to choose these colors in a room bright enough to darken it.


Violet and Grey-blue: a Touch of Romance

Whether you have opted for a gray metallic or charcoal wallpaper, a dark blue turquoise paint or more intense, Violet will find its place. The atmosphere of the room will then be romantic and quite feminine. Do not forget to install several luminaires to illuminate the space.


Violet and yellow: to energize a piece

These two shades are entirely opposite to the chromatic circle, and yet they can be used together to create a unique piece. The bright yellow and the dark violet come together in an entrance or hallway to give the tone to your guests. If you do not dare this combination, you can stay on a smart blend of white and violet or a camaïeu of Violet, which will create a nice gradient of shades in a room.

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