What Are the Best Granite Colors for White Cabinets?

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White cabinets have grown in popularity in recent years due to their versatility and simplicity. White cabinetry works well in a farm-style kitchen or one with a bright, contemporary look. They look specifically stunning with granite countertops. However, when you choose to add white cabinets to your kitchen, you may want to know what the best granite colors, maybe for white cabinets.

What Are the Best Granite Colors for White Cabinets?
What Are the Best Granite Colors for White Cabinets?


Hmm….. What Are the Best Granite Colors for White Cabinets?

The general theme and color palette

The first step in determining which may be the best granite colors for white cabinets is to choose what your generally color palette and kitchen design will be. If you want a fresh look with just splashes of color, you’ll want to lean towards a type of granite when you prefer a country, relaxed theme, a different type of granite may be more suitable. Once you have determined the overall theme, it will be much easier to find a granite that suits your white cabinets and decoration.

Lighter colors and neutrals

Countertops with yellows tend to make a warmer feel in your bathroom or kitchen than those with white or gray hues. If you lean towards a field look, yellow-hued granite may be the best choice, while a contemporary look may need you to choose a gray-hued countertop. If you prefer something more neutral, you’ll want to look at the beige or light brown hues, providing a warm, fresh feel.

Darker contrasts

If you prefer darker colors that contrast with the intense white of your cabinets, choose granite with burnt orange, deep green, or dark grey spots. This allows you to give splashes of those colors throughout your room to tie it all together. You can also choose the shiny black countertops that deeply contract the white of your cabinets. Black will provide your kitchen a very contemporary feel, so keep that in mind when determining your theme as right.

Choosing fresh countertops can be a fun and interesting activity. If you are design your kitchen or building a new home, and need to know the greatest granite colors for white cabinets, contact us by phone or online today. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team will guide you through the process, work with you to identify your theme, and help you choose the perfect granite countertops for your design.

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