Wall between Kitchen and Dining Room Before and After Photos of Removal

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If you haven’t noticed, I’ve had a hard time following a normal blog routine since the store opened. I hate it… like, really hate! But there’s a crazy thing Called Life that keeps me from talking to you every week. Between working two days a week as a nurse, running the store 4 days a week, launching the online store, being the mother of my two crazy guys, being the wife of my incredible husband, volunteering in the church, cleaning the house, washing clothes… Well, you have the idea. I came to the conclusion that not only are there enough hours in the day. If I could just go without sleep…. then maybe I could accomplish everything I would like to achieve in 24 hours!

But something amazing happened last week! The stars lined up perfectly and I was able to not only get a day off from work but completely clean my house! So when I finished with the cleaning, the sun came out and there was the most beautiful natural light coming into my living room and kitchen area. And I thought to myself… “Grab the camera! “So I found my camera bag, pulled out my old DSLR and literally had to brush the dust off it… that’s just sad guys!

You see, we have carried out a very big makeover to this fourth last spring….as in the people of last year! Lol! I said I’m behind all these blogs…. a year ago to be exact! ????

Those of you who have been following this blog for some time can probably detect the difference very quickly. Those of you who are new here…

Hello! Welcome, thank you for joining us! ????

How about a little “before” photo to help you…..

So I started taking pictures. …

Wall between Kitchen and Dining Room Before and After Photos of Removal

Oh yes… and we take down a wall in the process!

Removing the wall between the kitchen and the living room, we were able to create an open floor plan and completely modernized our dated farm house. It really made all the space feel much bigger! And I’m in love with all the natural light that’s flooding in our kitchen now!

I love it!! It looks so open and beautiful!

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