Stunning Formal Living Room Ideas

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Stunning Formal Living Room Ideas – Formal living room ideas a place to chat with your family or receive important guests from business associates or others. The living room is a place to organize the space with elegance and luxurious furniture. To organize the space will require some consideration of the layout of furniture, decoration of what will be used, and setting light in the room. The formal room is synonymous with serenity atmosphere in the room. The proportional position is highly recommended for this room. Besides it, accessories can provide comfort when it was there to be one of the points as an addition to the formal atmosphere. Therefore, the decor in the room needs careful planning and consideration…


Proportional Layout of the Formal Living Room Ideas

Formal Living Room


This formal room has a space large enough. The room is wearing a set of chairs and a table large enough to accommodate furniture for the room with a large size. Sofa placed in the middle room with chairs that circled the table layout. Under the couch spread a thick carpet comfortable. In the corner was placed a piano that is adjacent to the furnace. Then another furniture for formal living room design is a table to put ornaments placed against the wall of the room. Above the tables hung some picture frame or a mirror attached to the wall. One thing that cannot be abandoned its existence is a table lamp. The table lamp stands on the table and side by side…

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Stunning Formal Living Room Ideas


On the other hand, contained in a formal room is the room color selection. The room will be filled with the color of the walls and furniture contained therein. The color of the walls is used bright colors and muted so easily combined with other colors. Then, for the color of the sofa, a little stands out from the others. Colors that can be applied is white or black. This room is also used lighting is bright enough. At the center using a crystal lamp attached to the center of the ceiling. This is the component that makes up the room into a formal atmosphere. Convenience is highly emphasized in the formal living room decor as a major impression in this room…

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