Simple Home Decorating Tips

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Simple Home Decorating Tips – My friends often tell me that I have a perfect house. Some of them think that I hire a designer every two months in order to change the décor of my rooms. They are completely wrong. I have an average family with an average income, we can’t afford to hire those who cook, clean and make a décor for us. When you can’t afford something but want it very much your brain starts working. All you need is a few dollars a month, imagination and desire for change.

Simple Home Decorating Tips

If you are one of those who wants to mesmerize your guests with your new tasteful decoration the following are my tips. This simple recommendation is a part of my daily life, I understood long ago that home design is not the thing you should be preoccupied with all the time, there is much more to this life than this, your family for example. So, if you don’t want to feel a headache every time you think about your home comparing it with that of your friends, follow my simple rules.

Color plays one of the leading rules in your design. Whether it is enticing purple, cheerful blue or innocent white the color always creates a special atmosphere in the house. Instead of having simple white walls try to paint them using such gracious shades as beige, tan or cream. Maybe you already tried these colors and want something more bright and exciting, than such pure colors as blue, green or yellow is your variant.

Even though you may be a great fan of one particular color don’t forget to discuss it with your family. Every hardware and building supply store offer paint samples, take some of them, try on your walls and ask your family members. This family council may become an exciting thing that unites the whole family.

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