30 Simple Birthday Decoration at Home

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The decor is what determines how your party will be! But even with a small budget, it is possible to make her incredibly charming. There are some practical and classic items used in a birthday party that you can even perform or customize yourself. First of all, try to plan how much you want to spend and what style that environment will have to take the next steps.

For a simple party, ideally, it should be held at home or in a smaller area. Can it be either in your living room, in the yard, or even in the ballroom? From this defined step, it will be much easier to organize the items as well as their required quantity.

A neat idea of decoration is to opt for basic materials in party shops or stationery stores. From this, you can do the rest yourself, like cutting some banners, purging your balloons, making some banners and using some party items you already own.

If your party has many guests (more than 50), it is no longer a simple party. So try to decrease the amount a little to help keep the event simpler, while maintaining its essence and personality!

Your party is up to you since usually, the instruments you need are just paper, glue and scissors. Check out 50 cool ideas of what you can do at your birthday party and get inspired:


With a simple piece of paper, you can make a background and hang some banners and phrases that you can perform yourself.

Simple Birthday Decoration at Home

With a little glitter and glue if you have super different bladders!

Simple Birthday Decoration at Home

Decorate the drink bottles with ready-made arrangements and insert colored straws.

Simple Birthday Decoration at Home

Nice idea for a picnic party.

A small table mounted simply with a flasher, metallic paper, a piece of fabric and some items to hang.

Simple Birthday Decoration at Home

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