Renew Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

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How to Make Chalk Paint for Furniture – Instead of spending all that time sanding and sealing, painting and using fantasy techniques to achieve an old-fashioned look for your furniture, chalk paint can make all the difference in no more than two layers. Continue reading to find out where to get it, how it works and how to use it in all its potential.

Renew Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

What is chalk painting?

The difference between chalk paint and other interior paints is that it contains plaster, which helps to adhere to almost any piece of furniture. It creates an old look without the fuss of layers or playing with regular paint. While some people do chalk paint by mixing a small amount of plaster, with their interior paint, chalk paint can easily be found at hardware stores and home decor. – Renew Your Furniture with Chalk Paint

How to use chalk paint?

Chalk painting is very simple-paint your furniture with it and let it dry. Therefore, you get the desired look. The good thing about chalk paint is that even if you are painting a furniture that has a paint job or terrible sealing needs, chalk paint will cover it up and make your furniture look a thousand times better.

While you may need sand away any bumps or uneven surfaces with sandpaper, there is no need to strip or the first furniture before painting. Dry chalk paint quickly, so once you’ve finished with a layer you’re ready to move on to the next one.

How does it work?

By adding plaster for painting, shades of chalk paint down the bright look that some enamel and acrylic paints have. It creates a more matte finish, leaving furniture looking beautiful, but antique, at the same time. The paint sticks to almost any surface, either the furniture that is working is sealed, stripped, dyed or painted. When dried it creates an old look that is very difficult to achieve with other interior paints.

Seal and Protect

To help seal and protect your painted chalk furniture, use the wax finish on the surface after the chalk paint has dried completely. Like other waxes, you just have to apply it with a rag and then polish it out.

Tips and Tricks

  1. You can use a roller or brush to apply chalk paint. There are specific brushes on the market that are only for chalk paint, which has dense bristles. Apply paint by painting in a direction consistent with a round-trip motion.
  2. As the paint starts to dry, you can change directions if you are worried about streaks.
  3. No additional paint techniques are required for chalk paint to create that old look. Just apply the paint on a regular layer as you would with any regular interior paint.
  4. Chalk paint is very dense, so a bit goes a long way. However, you will probably need two layers to achieve the desired coverage.
  5. If you mix your own chalk paint, sometimes it can be a little lumpy. Don’t worry, as these lumps will work on themselves as they paint.
  6. If the paint appears too scratched after a single layer, apply a second one to achieve the desired appearance.

DIY Your own chalk paint

To create your own chalk paint, mix 5 tablespoons of Paris plaster and 2 tablespoons of water with 2 cups of interior paint of your choice. Use the mix immediately after you get it.

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Avoid messing everything up

As with any kind of furniture painting work, it is important to protect the area around the furniture while painting. Put large tarps or plastic sheets to prevent the drops of paint from sticking to anything, but the furniture.

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