How to Read a Tape Measure

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How to Read a Tape Measure – There are many styles of the tape measure, some special for designs, carpentry, sewing or crafts. Construction projects require accurate measurements. Whether it’s measurements of materials, the length of a counter or an area that will be remodeled, it is very important to take accurate measurements. For this, you should be able to understand the readings on the tape measure.

The tape measure is a measuring instrument used to measure distances. It can designate a flexible and graduated tape that is used to measure fabrics or certain types of retractable tape that consist of a metal, plastic or fiberglass tape wrapped in a wrapping. (

The measurement units of the tracks are centimeters, millimeters, inches, and feet.

How to Read a Tape Measure


How to Read a Tape Measure

Instructions (Video + Step by Step)

  1. Read the tape measure knowing that one centimeter (1 cm) is separated into smaller units. The smallest measuring unit is one millimeter (1 mm), followed by one centimeter (1 cm) and one meter (1 m). Each measuring unit is represented by a small marking line. The 5 mm mark indicates 5 mm and indicates a half centimeter (0.5 cm). Therefore, the markings that come before represent 1, 2, 3 and 4 mm.
  2. Look at the tape measure and note that there are markings between the centimeter marks. The tape measure is marked every millimeter, with different sizes of marks representing the measurements. The largest line (between the centimeters) marks half a centimeter, while the smaller ones mark variations of one millimeter.
  3. Memorize the distance that each mark represents the centimeter marks. Each major mark indicates half a centimeter; each smaller line indicates a variation of one millimeter. Normally, the marks for meters are larger or colored.
  4. Measure the smallest mark possible for more accuracy. The top of the measuring tape is divided into measurements of millimeters, centimeters, and meters. Some metric tapes mark centimeters with large numbers, while others mark meters with numbers in red. Always measure twice to make sure the measurement is accurate.

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