How to Open Garage Door when Power is Out

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How to Open Garage Door when Power is Out – As the wintry weather hurricane season comes barreling to Maryland it guarantees to bring with it a hodge-podge of brutally cold weather climate and possible power outages. Even as you could not need to go out, you sincerely don’t want to be locked in. Right here’s a way to open your garage door manually.

How to Open Garage Door when Power is Out
how to open a garage door manually

How to Open Garage Door when Power is Out

  1. Disconnect the garage door opener while the garage door is in the closed position, not while it’s open.
  2. Slope the emergency cord to disconnect the door from the garage door opener. The wire typically has a purple deal with and could hang down from the center rail of the garage door mechanism.
  3. Raise the garage door straight up until the door is absolutely open. Make sure the door will continue to be absolutely open before leaving it unattended.
  4. If the springs are correctly balanced, the door will open without difficulty with the lift handles and stay in place. If it’s far tough to open, have a professional garage door service technician check the door as soon as possible to avoid also damage or safety dangers.
  5. Near the door manually till it reaches the floor.
  6. Lock the door. While the automatic opener is disconnected, the door isn’t securely close till you manually slide the lock bar.
  7. Reconnect the opener while the strength comes returned on. Make certain the door is unlocked while the opener is reconnected. Electrically beginning the garage door with the lock bar in the area can reason fundamental harm.

One manner to keep away from the trouble of manually operating your garage door is to invest in an automatic garage door opener that includes a battery backup characteristic. That way, while the electricity goes out, the garage door will nonetheless feature the use of the opener, as will the access keypad and the safety sensors, and the garage door will be locked and secured. – how to open a garage door manually.

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