Old Milk Can Decorating Ideas

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How to Make Old Milk Can Decorating Ideas

Old Milk Can Decorating Ideas – I never knew I enjoyed old milk cans.
Till I found this one

Old Milk Can Decorating Ideas

Lovely and quite cool, huh?
Before not so much.

Old Milk Can Decorating Ideas

I painted it with latex first because I needed to seal up the in no way a bit.
I additionally needed a layer of paint that would not wipe off with water. (I’ll tell you why in a minute)

Subsequent, I painted one coat of “Pure White” Chalk Paint® over the top of that.
I did one coat because I didn’t want full coverage.

Here’s why I mandatory the latex underneath….

After the top coat of chalk paint dried, I took a little rainy paper towel and wiped the can down all round, “distressing” it.
I needed only the white to come off and show the teal underneath.
This methodology works splendidly if you don’t want to go to the base fabric whether or not it’s wooden or metal.

And is very easy!

You can additionally do it with all Chalk Paint however for this I mandatory more of a blank look without the metallic appearing through.

subsequent I labored up a few wording with alternative fonts on my laptop and published it all out.
(that’s an alternate little sign assignment that was in the works in the background. I’m at all times working on a couple of things at once!

To move the photo, I shaded the entire bottom (where the print is) with a pencil.
Then taped it to the milk can where I needed it placed.

I took the same pencil and traced over the entire graphic…even the course line.
The shading on the again transferred the graphic all over I traced.
Just like carbon paper.

subsequently, comes the portray “in the lines” by hand

It’s not easy! You don’t even have to be super cautious because it will get distressed in the end.

complete, however earlier than distressing. (I used Graphite Chalk Paint to do the snapshot. As I’ve noted sooner than you can use any paint for this)

A little distressing….or a lot.

Up shut I went again in with the white after portraying in the black (and earlier than distressing) to get those particulars on the letters.

I sealed it with a coat of Minwax Polycrylic in Satin.
I appreciated the way it looked unsealed however I didn’t want to have to be troubled about splashes, stains and such.

Who knew it could end up like this? This was at the going to the shop when I at first bought (as are so many of the things I find) however it stayed with me.
(as many of them do!)

I am sure there are a few of you out there that doubtless enjoyed it as it was when I found it.
However, it was a little too rustic and distressed for me!
It was the real thing…aged evidently. I just created a various style of getting older that I love.

Even if it was not ‘natural.’

What do you believe? Like it better earlier than or after?

Video Tutorial Old Milk Can Be Decorating Ideas

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