How to Make a Lava Lamp, Easy !!!

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How to Make a Lava Lamp – The lava lamp is best known as a decorative object than lighting and was invented by Edward Craven Walker, after the 2nd World War.

According to historical accounts, Edward had the idea of ” lava lamp ” as it is known in English, after attending a pub in Dorset, England.

This lamp bar had a slightly off pattern of conventional lamps, which also used two immiscible liquids and a timer, and being in an egg-shaped container.

By checking this prototype of what later would be the lava lamp, Edward perfected the idea, and his lab, mixed ingredients in a clear bottle of different shapes and sizes, which eventually became known as the lava lamp in 1963.

How to make a lava lamp


The history of the main lava lamp company in the world

The adaptation of the lava lamp prototype gave was so successful that Edward and his wife, Christine called, eventually founding a company just for the production of the lava lamp. The first name of the company was Crestworth and later, after the popularization of the lamp became the company Mathmos, which has this official website.

Edward Walker was a consultant and director of the company Mathmos until his death, with 82 years in 2000. Your company Mathmos lava lamps celebrate in 2013 its 50th anniversary. As reported the British newspaper Telegraph.


How to make a lava lamp?

Many people think that building a psychedelic lava lamp is very difficult. But in fact, to build a simple lava lamp only need a transparent jar (preferably glass) and 4 ingredients:

  1. 1 liter of cooking oil
  2. 300 ml of water
  3. 1 effervescent tablet
  4. A dye your favorite color

How to make a lava lamp

Preparation: The construction of the psychedelic lava lamp is only sensitive with respect to the order of ingredients.

First one must put 300 ml of water in your pot transparent;

Second: Add the liter of oil (if your pot is not that big, you can put only half a liter of oil, it is important that the ratio of water and oil to 1 part water to 3 oil);

How to make a lava lamp

Third: Ping a few drops of dye and wait a few seconds until it decants.

The final step: Play the effervescent tablet and hold the chin, because the effect of psychedelic lava lamp lasts a short time but it is amazing.


How can I increase my psychedelic lava lamp?

In two basic ways:

  1. Some more elaborate recipes using candles and alcohol.
  2. To give a more psychedelic its light tone, you can add a light to black light behind your glass jar. The scientific knowledge already taught you how to make black light with your phone, remember?
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