La-Z-Boy vs Ashley Furniture: 7 Differences You Should Know

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La-Z-Boy and Ashley Furniture are two of the biggest names in furniture. Both are known brands and have been in business for years. At the Furniture Academy, a common question we hear is, “What are the differences between the furniture of the-Z-Boy vs Ashley? ”

We know that most people buy in several furniture stores before making a decision. And we want you to make the purchase which is the best choice for you.

In this article and video, we take a detailed look at 7 key differences between the furniture of the-Z-Boy and Ashley.


1) La-Z-Boy vs. Ashley mobile Cost

Both LA-Z-Boy and Ashley have promotions that run throughout the year. This allows you to get a lot of furniture throughout the year.

When compared to cost-based mobile alone, Ashley is typically cheaper than La-Z-Boy.

However, this does not mean that Ashley offers a higher quality product or service.


2) Quality furniture La-Z-Boy vs Ashley

According to Consumer Affairs, the general satisfaction of the-Z-Boy is 3 times the classification of Ashley’s furniture. Here is the overall satisfaction rating of both companies based on thousands of ratings and reviews:

La-Z-Boy vs Ashley Furniture: 7 Differences You Should Know

Many of Ashley’s furniture complaints are due to the bad service after the sale and damaged/broken furniture.

Some of Ashley’s furniture was not delivered in time or broken in delivery.

Many of the complaints of the-Z-Boy are due to the coordination of delivery deadlines.

La-Z-Boy’s furniture is known for its quality. They are the only company in America that proves their furniture in 2 times the industry standard.


3) Free Interior design Service

Providing your home can be overwhelming because you are spending a lot of money and don’t want to buy something that looks bad in your room.

In the mobile galleries of La-Z-Boy, we shop for fun and easy furniture, which gives you access to a professional interior designer for free!

Here is a video with 5 more reasons why you should work with an interior designer of the-Z-Boy.

Your personal interior Designer will help you bring your interior design ideas to life and make the experience as comfortable as possible. This fully-personalized service is tailored to your life, style, and budget.

From 2018, Ashley’s furniture does not offer anything like this service.


4) Customizable options

Customizing the style and options available in a piece of furniture really makes it yours.

La-Z-Boy offers the most available options when it comes to personalizing your furniture.

With the-Z-Boy, you are able to:

  • Personalizes fabric, wood, and leather.
  • Add custom Cut.
  • Personalize the handle, footrest, and base of your reclining chair.

Some reclining sofas, armchairs, and armchairs are even available with warmth and massage.

Ashley has some different colors of fabric. But they don’t offer any other choice.


5) Furniture Delivery

Ashley offers free shipping on small light packs. Most of your products do not fall into this category and are subject to a home delivery fee.

La-Z-Boy also charges for the delivery of full-service furniture. However, they often offer free shipping during special events.

Both companies require you to schedule for 1 hour when you will be at home for delivery. Therefore, you will have to work with your timeline as well as yours.

When you spend a lot of money on furniture, paying an additional $100 or more for delivery may seem ridiculous.

You can learn more about why furniture delivery is so expensive in our learning center.


6) Furniture Protection and warranty

An unsightly stain can ruin a new piece of furniture. With the iClean fabric of LA-Z-Boy, You can relax and stop worrying about the stains.

iClean fabric creates a protective barrier in your furniture that reskins spills before they become stains. This special formula keeps your furniture soft to the touch feel good to sit on.

iClean is only available on the-Z-Boy. Ashley doesn’t offer stain-resistant fabric.

La-Z-Boy and Ashley furniture offer a lifetime limited warranty on all your furniture. These guarantees cover different aspects of your furniture for different amounts of time.

Be sure to read the guarantees for THE-Z-Boy and Ashley to know exactly what they cover and for how long.


In conclusion

La-Z-Boy and Ashley furniture have their advantages and disadvantages.

Ashley is the way to go if you are looking for the low-cost option and do not put an emphasis on the service after the sale.

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