How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Home

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How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Home – Looking for the best way to keep snakes away from your home? Your chances of having a snake control problem increase dramatically when you have a healthy ecosystem with a variety of vegetation, animals, and insects. These reptiles can be a danger for homeowners in almost every country around the world. Most species are not venomous, but it’s still very disturbing to know they are on your property. Today, I will teach you how to keep snakes away for good!

How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Home
how to keep snakes away


How to keep snakes away

1. Prevention and Maintenance

Snakes are no different from any other creature on this planet. They are simply looking for a constant supply of food and a safe place to live. The first step in keeping snakes away from your home is to control the factors that attract them there in the first place. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and do some work in your yard.

  • Remove weeds, excessive vegetation, piles of debris and other areas where snakes can hide.
  • Maintenance of lawn is also important to mow your yard regularly. This will also help control the mouse and other insects.
  • Keep all piles of high firewood off the ground.
  • Use bird seed or baths and clean the fruits and nuts that have fallen on your lawn. It is mostly about eliminating rodents and other food.
  • Inspect and seal cracks around your home’s foundation to keep snakes from getting inside.
  • Install screens on the vents and seal the openings around the plumbing that is coming in and out of your house.
  • Store wood and stacks of wood at least 2 feet above the ground.
    Keep compost piles in a closed container to keep snakes and rodents away from your home.

* Most people tend to neglect these important steps in favor of a repellent. Please understand that these steps are essential to the pest control process. These steps will be an important part of our integrated treatment plan. Prevention and maintenance is the key to getting rid of snakes and keep them away for good!


2. Get Rid of the Food Supply of the Snake

The next step will be to eliminate their food supply. If successfully, you can get rid of rodents and insects, their predators will move along. The steps you completed in the previous section will help immensely in this process. In addition to this, you should also consider your home with a repellent outdoor mouse pool. You may also need to treat other pests depending on what food your intruder eats. This is very important if you want to keep snakes away from your home.


3. How to get with a natural repellent

Now that the diet is down and your yard looks super neat, it’s time to use a natural repellent. This is not a way to keep snakes away from your house on its own. As I mentioned before, this is a 3 part process. If you have not completed the previous steps, you will not see any results from using an insect repellent. I always keep families away from harsh chemical treatments. There are natural oils that work just as well to get rid of snakes. I like to use a mixture of cinnamon and clove. It works very well. If you need more information on mixing up a house lot or where to find a pre-made version, check out the fast video above.

Tip: Never use mothballs as a pest control solution. They are made with a dangerous ingredient that has been banned by the EPA! It can cause serious health problems for humans and animals.


4. Snakes in your garden?

In addition to using the tips we’ve already talked about, there’s one more step you can take to keep snakes away from your garden. Material mesh fabric helps to join the entire area. You can buy these things at your hardware store. The total height should be at least 36 inches and you should bury the bottom of your wall a few inches in the ground. This could be a lot of work depending on the size of your garden. This is a fantastic way to keep snakes away from your home naturally.


5. One Last Word

In many cases, it is best to just leave these creatures alone. They play an important role in the health of the mini-ecosystem in your backyard. Most species are harmless and actually help control the population of other non-beneficial pests. You can contact your local animal control office to ask about the danger of certain types of snakes in your area. If you find that you should not get rid of it, it’s the quickest and safest solution.

I want to thank yours for reading my tutorial on how to keep snakes away from your home. If you found this information helpful, please help me spread the word by sharing this page on your favorite social network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Supporting readers like you is the only reason why I am able to continue doing what I love and provide free information like that to help problems solve their lower cost issues. Thank you very much!

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