How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Walls

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How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Walls – The mold grows on the bathroom walls that remain moist. All types of mold can grow in a bathroom, and many of them are benign. Others may cause the disease generally benign, but black mold is a known type of its toxicity, according to “performing a Do it yourself black mold removal project.” Black mold is marked by the greenish black color and a moldy smell or mildew. Remove black mold and other types with bleach or vinegar. Depending on the type of wall you have, the mold can cause damage to the wall. For example, mold can seep into the pores of ceramic tiles and damage your subfloor or chassis. Remove the mold you need.

How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Walls
How to Remove Mold from Bathroom Walls


  • Wear rubber gloves and a surgical mask. Open all the windows in the bathroom and turn on the fans. The gloves will protect your hands from bleach and mold. The mask will help you in the bleach vapors.
  • Fill the spray bottle half way with bleach. Fill the rest of the path with cold water. Screw the lid tightly.
  • Spray the moldy wall with the bleach solution. The mold will start to die when the bleach comes in contact with it.
  • Rub the molded areas with a brush. It releases microscopic particles of mold.
  • Rinse the surface with water.
  • Put rubber gloves on. Gloves Protect your mold hands.
  • Fill the spray bottle with distilled white vinegar.
  • Spray the mold with the vinegar until it is soaked.
  • Rub the moldy wall with a brush.
  • Rinse vinegar and water pans.

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