How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

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How to remove bathroom sink cap


How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper
How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

If your bathroom, the sink is leaking, you don’t have to call a plumber. The repair will be easy, and it will take less than 1 hour. Of course, if your escape uses a removable stopper, you can simply replace the lid. For stoppers connected to a pull-bar on the back of the tap, though, you will spend some time under the sink, so clean the cabinet of the sink and get yourself a good flashlight. The only other thing you need will be a channel locking pliers. – How to Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper

Things you need

  • Flashlight
  • A channel-locking pliers

Rise under the sink and point a flashlight in the drainage cap. You will see a lever arm that sticks out and connects to the traction bar the tap through a thin plate with several holes. Disconnect the pull-rod arm by squeezing the metal clamp on the arm and sliding off, having the plate with it.

Loosen the nut holding the lever for the cap and remove it. Often you can do this manually, but if not, use a channel locking pliers. When the nut is removed, slope the lever out of the cap. Have a useful bucket in water leaks case out of a hole in the cap when you do this.

Remove the lid from the drain, and inspect the washing machine. Replace it if it is used. Replace the whole stopper if the plastic eye on the other end, where the lever fits, is broken.

Fix the stopper back in the drain, and then return under the sink and push the lever to the cap. It has a helper rotate the lid until the lever goes through the hole in the end and the stopper increases and decreases when you move the lever up and down. When the lever and the stopper are connected correctly, tighten the nut that holds the lever to the cap and tightens it with the hand.

Push the lever down so that the stopper is fully open, then slide the connecting plate to the traction bar to the lever arm. The plaque has a lot of holes, so use the best line. Finally, tighten the clamp together and insert it into the arm to hold the plate in place.

Pull the traction rod until the stopper is all the way down, then fill the sink and check if the water does not drain out. If the traction bar is all the way up, but the stopper is not sealing, try inserting the lever arm into the next smaller hole in the traction bar plate.

Tips & Warnings.

If the stopper is fully engaging, but the sink leaks from all exterior of the cap and in the cabinet below, remove the CAP and re-pack the drainage opening with plumber dough.

Use pliers to tighten the nut that holds the lever for the cap if the nut water leaks when the sink is draining.

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