How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

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Want to see a nightmare come true? Just drop some tomato sauce, wine, coffee or any other food that will make you run immediately behind the nearest tap! And when you are ready to go out and you end up smearing your clothes with makeup, lipstick or – worse – nail polish? How to get rid of these stains as quickly as they arose?

Sometimes it’s not as simple as it sounds. In some cases, you really need to take off your clothes and wash them quickly before the stain gets into the fabric and causes even more headache. But it is important to know that as soon as the stain appears on clothing you at least try to minimize it quickly. The faster you try to get rid of the stain, even if only by removing excess spilled product, the more likely it is that the garment will be washed more easily.

Personal organizer Rafaela Oliveira from the Organize Without Frills blog has several tips to help. She says most of the tips on her site have been forwarded by her followers, but she also goes after the information. “I get tips from followers, but I also do research and test all tips before posting. I do not share tips that do not work, I am very careful about that, ”he explains.

Lucy Mizael, from Lucy’s Tips blog, also draws on the knowledge that each one’s story offers. “I come from the interior of Minas Gerais, from a family of matriarchs who has always taken care of the home with care. Many recipes came from this time. As I began to share knowledge, memories came to light. Sometimes I called my mother, aunt, neighbor, sister-in-law, and I ended up rescuing some tips. ”

Want to know what these tips and many others are about getting rid of clothes? Come check!


What do I need to know before I start taking clothes off?

Before you simply start getting rid of stains, you need to know that they act differently on each type of fabric. Are they:


It is a tougher fabric. Therefore, several techniques are well accepted without damaging the fabric.


Synthetic clothing is usually very durable, allowing you to firmly rub the fabric when staining. Detergents work as a great stain remover for this fabric and keep it well away from bleach. If you have a specific stain remover, see if it is specifically recommended for this fabric.


There are products that can damage the wool fibers. Ideally, a detergent or laundry detergent should be chosen for delicate clothing. And try to dry pieces of wool horizontally so that they keep their shape.


Silk is an extremely delicate fabric. Delicate laundry cleaners are the best option and soak the entire piece to prevent the stain from spreading to another part.

If you have questions about the type of product to use in specific cases, or when the piece is delicate, look for a specialist laundry. Now write down all the tips from the experts:


How Do You Get the Sweat Stain out of Your Clothes?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

This is a problem many have experienced and is sometimes even difficult to avoid. When this happens, remember not to put the sweaty T-shirt in the laundry basket as drying too long will make it harder to remove. With a shirt or t-shirt in hand, you can follow these tips:

Sodium bicarbonate water

Mix 1 liter of water with 5 tbsp baking soda. Soak the piece for 30 minutes in this solution and then wash normally.

What if the stain is recent?

Put in a bucket 1 liter of warm water and 3 spoons of white vinegar. Soak the piece in this mixture for 10 minutes before washing. If you wish, you can alternatively soak the stain in hydrogen peroxide, but test a piece of clothing first to make sure it will not fade.

Is the stain on the clothes old?

Mix baking soda with lemon until you make a pastry. When handling lemon, do it away from the sun as it can burn the skin. Apply this ‘paste’ with a brush and let it work for 45 minutes. Then soak the laundry in soapy water for 1h30 before washing as usual.


I Dropped Coffee on My Clothes! How to Remove the Stain?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

Who never spilled coffee on clothes, is not it? If this happens to you, don’t worry: this is an easy spot to remove, especially if you ‘run’ to eliminate it.

I just spilled coffee on my shirt!

Immediately flush room with hot, nearly boiling water. This way you dissipate the coffee and do not let it penetrate the fabric. If your clothes are in a difficult place to get wet with water, rub 1 ice cube on your clothes until the stain is gone.

Is the stain already dry?

Soak the stain in warm water and add 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Let it soak up the coffee and then wash it normally.

I Dropped Coffee with Milk!

Since milk has fat, the procedure is slightly different from removing pure coffee. Rinse hydrogen peroxide or benzine and then rinse.


Wine has stained my clothes! And now?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

When this happens, the first thing you should not do is use hot water. The warmth will help the wine to stick even more to the clothes.

Paper towel

If the stain was at that moment, place paper towels over it without rubbing so that it absorbs the wine. Then wash with soap and water.


Salt also helps to ‘suck up’ the wine. Put a portion on top of the stain and let it act for 5 minutes.

White vinegar

Use 3 measures of white vinegar to 1 of water and apply this mixture over the stain.

White wine

White wine can counteract red wine. It does not remove the stain, but if you cannot remove it on time, at least it will soften the color.


Is the Clothing Stained with Rust?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

If the clothing has been stored for a long time and is close to metal objects, the rust may pass to the fabric. Buttons, zipper and even metal stud can stain your clothes with rust.

Lemon with salt

On top of the stain, apply lemon juice with salt. Put this mixture in the sun and leave in a bowl with water. Remove the garment before it dries and rinses well.

Old rust

Use an industrialized remover.


I Put the Clothes on with Pen

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

Almost every week you unknowingly stain your clothes with pen ink. It is simple to remove as long as it does not take long.


Wipe the stain with an alcohol swab until it comes out.

Fresh spot

Quickly wipe alcohol with a cotton swab and place a paper towel on it to absorb ink.


Put a paper towel on the underside of the fabric and pour some milk over the stain. Put another paper towel, but this time over the stain – like a sandwich. And do it as many times as you need until it leaves completely.


Did the Children Stain Their Clothes with a Marker Pen?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

It is normal for this stain to occur during school activities, during holiday fun or even if you use this pen in everyday life.

Hot milk

Put paper towels under the stain. Then pour hot milk over the stain and press with another paper towel on it (same idea as the sandwich). The cream can also be used instead of hot milk.

Leather stain

Soak cotton wool in warm, ammonia water. Put this mixture on top of the stain and wipe with a dry cloth.


I Stained My Clothes with Ink and Now?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

This is one of the stains that needs a lot of attention, especially if the clothes are white.

Hair spray

Wet the area with an alcohol-based product such as hairspray. Press the stain with a paper towel until you remove the ink.


Can You Remove Oil Paint Stains from Clothing?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

All stains involving paint need special care. The golden tip is to first remove excess paint. Then one of the following:

Hot Water Detergent

Make a mixture of 1 tsp of detergent in a glass of warm water and apply to the stain with a clean sponge. Wash with cold water.

Hot Milk or Lemon

In the case of ink stains on dark fabrics, warm milk or lemon rind over the stain and then wash with soap and water.

I Cut off My Finger and Stained the Blood

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

Some accidents can happen and cause you to stain your blood. Like wine, do not use hot water. If you act quickly, no one will notice.

Soapy water

If it is then, cold soapy water removes all the stain.

Sparkling water

Apply sparkling water to the stained part and soak for a few minutes.


Using saltwater also solves the problem.

Dried blood

Use hydrogen peroxide 10 volumes over the stain and let it act. Then wash naturally.


If you have aspirin in your bag, crush the tablet and make a paste with it by adding a little water. Put on the stain and let the mixture act.


How to Remove Grease Stain from Clothes?

How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains
How to Remove All Kinds of Clothes Stains

This is certainly one of the most feared stains, either because of the coloration of the fat or the fear of never having your clothes like before. If the stained fat was too hot, you are unlikely to be able to remove it because it has already burned the fiber from the fabric. If this was not the case, see the tips:

Talcum powder

Put talcum powder on the stain and leave it all night long. The next day, do the laundry as usual. Cornstarch or chalk also serves the same purpose!

Hot water with detergent

Mix hot water with detergent and put on the stain, rubbing.

Homemade Remover

To do this you need a cup of washing powder dissolved in liquid ammonia until a thick mixture. Add to this mixture 4 tablespoons white vinegar, 4 tablespoons rectified alcohol and 1 tablespoon salt.

Other removers

If you have ether, benzine, gasoline or kerosene at home, you can use them to remove fat from tissues. Just apply a little on the fabric and rub the stain gently with a brush. In the case of benzene, it is suitable for both washable fabrics (such as leather) and very delicate fabrics. Only the colorful clothes that these removers cannot receive. Wash them with soap and hot water or sprinkle some talcum powder or wheat flour on the stain.

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