How to Refurbish a Couch, Easily!

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How to Refurbish a Couch – The room is a versatile place that can be used to greet friends, gather the family in front of the TV or play with the children, which is why it needs to be beautiful and cozy. Part of this is due to the decoration and the sofa, the main part of this environment.

But when the fabric of the sofa is all worn, almost tearing, with the seat fully sunk? Is it time to buy a new sofa? It may even be, but if the structure is good, it pays to bet on a makeover.

How to Refurbish a Couch

In some cases, it is preferable to make a recovery in the mobile to buy another. Best of all, you can still save money. If you have an old wooden-based sofa at home, do not even think about discarding it.

The sofa structures made with resistant woods such as mahogany pink, were already quite common in the market. Gradually, they gave way to sofas made of pine, a type of wood that is much more fragile and can not be mounted and disassembled.

Choosing the upholsterer that will do the remodeling of the sofa is a very important detail. That’s because upholstery is a craft that requires great care to get it done. Some mistakes can even ruin the sofa and there is no way to recover.

Search, look up references, talk to people who have used the services of the upholsterer you are interested in, and ask to see the result.

In the reform of the sofa, not only the fabric, but all parts can be replaced. It is possible to change springs and foams to leave the upholstery as new, to change the rounded shape of the arm and to leave it with more straight and present forms, to increase or to diminish the size of the piece.


Which fabric to choose for the sofa?

The most fun part of remodeling the sofa is choosing the fabric. There are no rules, but before you go out shopping, you need to consider several points. First, note the thickness and strength of the fabric. Cotton and wool are considered the most durable, especially when mixed with synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon.

The fabrics for sofa microfiber are also a great option, as well as durable, easy to clean and difficult to spot. Natural leather has the advantage of being soft to the touch and maintaining the temperature, without heating or cooling too much. Ecological leather (leather) is a synthetic coat that has a lower cost and makes it easier due to contact with the uric acid present in human sweat.

After choosing the type of flooring for sofa , think about the decoration of the room or the environment in which it should stay. The neutral and discreet tones are the one asked not to quarrel with the rest of the decor. Shades of gray and beige combine with everything, no mistake. If the sofa is heavily used, especially when there are children in the house, it is best to bet on the dark colors. Black and brown are always on the rise.

Otherwise, if the sofa is the highlight of the décor, prefer a plain striking flat tone or a printed fabric with personality. It is also worth mixing up prints, lining the seat with one pattern and backing with another, but beware of fads. You can plan another renovation in a short time if you get sick of the fabric.

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