How to Make Your Room Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel Room

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Entering a luxurious hotel room, with its great interior design and style, can give you a feeling of absolute enjoyment and relaxation. With an eye for design, you can give a similar style to your own room. With a few essential elements, they will help you create your own. luxurious room.

How to Make Your Room Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel Room
How to Make Your Room Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel Room

How to Make Your Room Feel Like a Luxurious Hotel Room

Step 1

Paint your room in a color that complements the furniture in your room. Select sober tones to give warmth or tranquility to the room. To complement dark wood furniture, try a warm mocha color. To create a hotel-style room, many colors can work, but avoid using colors that are too bright or flashy. Take into account the size of your room. Dark colors can make a room look dull and much smaller than it really is.

Step 2

Hang curtains that block the sun but are also attractive. For more drama, elegance, and luxury, choose window panes 1 or 2 feet (30 or 60 cm) longer than the height of the window, so that excess fabric will pile on the floor. Choose dark panels in heavy fabric to help block the sun, so you can sleep longer, just like you would in a hotel.

Step 3

Add layer clothing with coordinated colors. Choose luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets with a high thread count so you can sleep in luxury and softness. Choose white or cream sheets to replicate a hotel room. When choosing a duvet, consider the color of the walls and what colors complement each other. For a finishing touch, add a monogrammed pillow to the trousseau for a luxurious, personal touch.

Step 4

Add simple and elegant lighting to your room. A table on either side of the bed, an elegant lamp on each, will create a polished and sophisticated image. Metal or glass lamps can be attractive and elegant. A dark lampshade gives a calmer climate, while a white lampshade gives you a stronger light.

Step 5

Keep bedside tables and dressers clutter-free. Add simple touches like a square glass vase with fresh flowers. You can also add a small alarm clock or a couple of framed photos. Although hotel rooms come equipped with televisions in the vanity, it will depend on your preference, but to achieve a more relaxing sleep, the Mayo Clinic recommends avoiding the television in the room.

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