How to make Laminate Floors Shine Again

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How to make Laminate Floors Shine Again – Is your laminate flooring looking opaque or do you want to keep it looking brand new forever? There are great ways to keep your floor shiny. Continue reading to learn how to make laminate floors shine.

How to make Laminate Floors Shine Again


What do you need?

  • Vinegar
  • Scouring pad
  • Wax


How to make Laminate Floors Shine Again


  1. Keep the laminate floor free of dirt and dust. Dirt and debris can cause scratches that will damage any surface. Keeping the laminate flooring well swept or vacuumed will prevent its luster from getting lost.
  2. Remove debris from your floor. If your laminate flooring looks opaque, it may just be covered with waste improper cleaning techniques. Most conventional floor cleaners leave residues, which accumulate and cause a matte finish. In order to remove residue from your laminate floor safely, try wiping it with vinegar directly in a small area. Repeat this process until you find the glow hidden under the opaque residue.
  3. Rub your floor as little as possible. You do not need to use any type of cleaning product other than water on your laminate flooring. Wipe it with a mop since you can remove most of the water with it and the floor will dry very quickly. If your floor has water stains after cleaning, a quarter cup of vinegar diluted in 3.8 liters of water will prevent this from recurring.
  4. If your laminate flooring is old, you may not be able to bring back the shine just with cleaning. If you have already tried to remove debris from cleaning products and your floor is still opaque, the surface may be frayed. The wax can give a little shine to your laminate flooring. It may be necessary to apply a pair of polish layers. Do not forget to apply it evenly. Periodic application of this type of product will keep your laminate flooring shiny.

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