How to Install a Kitchen Sink in a New Countertop

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How to Install a Kitchen Sink in a New Countertop – Transform your kitchen into a showcase does not require much time and money. With the addition of a shiny new sink and faucet to coordinate with a countertop again, you have a new kitchen any Chef would be proud. Fix it! shows how to do it.

How to Install a Kitchen Sink in a New Countertop


Materials and tools:

  • Installation of the countertop, sink, and faucet of your choice
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil and writing tablet
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Electric screwdriver
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood glue
  • 4-foot level
  • Circular saw
  • Drill
  • paddle bit
  • jigsaw
  • plumber’s putty


  1. Start by taking the steps to your new countertop and these measures are then transferred to a simple diagram on the paper of your kitchen. Be sure to measure from wall to wall, not from the inside edges of the old countertop. Remember: measure twice, cut once! A once your measurements can place your order for a new countertop.
  2. Disconnect the pipes under the sink. Hot water pipes and cold and disconnect the lines with a wrench. If you have a garbage disposal, unplug, along with the PVC pipe. It has a nave and a cloth at hand to catch drips of plumbing.
  3. Remove all the elements of banking and all drawers. Use a screwdriver and a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the cover. Once you remove all the screws, lift the running of the Bank, revealing the base cabinets.
  4. Prepare countertop for installation by running a bead of wood glue along the parts of a worktop miter. Place against a second part, putting both legs through cabinets more easily join them. Place corner inside the depressions clips and tighten with a wrench. Tighten up the bottom and corners are true.
  5. Check if the countertop surface is smooth for sewing. Clips of torque. Put in a closet, make sure it is secure with screws and level. Do not over tighten the screws, this can destroy the particle board. And although it is common sense, make sure that the screws are not too long and do not penetrate the surface of the countertop. (These instructions in the section do not counter with sink).
  6. For the measurement of the sink, insert the new cover on sawhorses and then put the old countertop above. Make labels for the cutting area, turn the new deck and then transfer these marks using a tape measure. Cut the countertop with a circular saw, with work on the Edge Guide. Since the dimensions are cut, set the new counter in place and secure. Please note that you still do not trim the sink area.
  7. A practical way to measure the sink is using a template provided by the manufacturer of the sink. Cut out the area of the sink by drilling a pilot hole with a small trowel and then use a jigsaw to complete the cut. Closely monitor the line up to the entire section is cut completely.
  8. For this project, sink hardware is installed until the sink is falling into place. Start by entering the body of the faucet through the sink cutout. Place ring gasket and screw in the unit below the collar upwards. Do not tighten up to – be space to put the plumber’s PuTTY under the faucet Assembly.
  9. Roll of PuTTY between the palms (such as clay) and then put it at the top of the Collector under running water. Press the tap to Putty and put the nut collar under the sink. Use PuTTY plumber around the bottom of the sink filters and then insert them into the holes in the sink.
  10. The perimeter of the sink with a rope fine cutting plumber’s Putty and then wrap the tape around threaded line segments the water supply. Lower sink in PuTTY, then, when the collector seat is well, remove the excess around the sink. Finally, connect the supply lines and ready. This project will cost some $ $1,400 and take a day to complete

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