How to Get Rid Ant in House (Bedroom, Kitchen etc.)

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How to Get Rid Ant in House – Knowing how to do away with ants in your home is easy, you need simple, natural materials like salt, vinegar, lemon and water and some other ingredients to be mixed. The application is made in the passage of the ants, in the entrances as holes or cracks or in the main focus. Below more details on how to prepare the natural insecticide.

The use of chemical substances, such as pesticides, although effective in combating ants, is usually harmful to health and can also contaminate the environment. In addition to the bad smell and toxicity when they are inhaled, when they reach the soil, these substances are able to contaminate it, as well as the groundwater or water wells that supply the residences. In their use in agriculture, in the fight against pests that settle in the plantations and end up compromising the production of vegetables, vegetables, and fruits, end up posing risks to consumers who do not take the necessary care to decontaminate these foods.

Another usual way to apply pesticides is to combat some domestic insects, such as insect ants, which, when they travel through contaminated sites such as garbage and sewage, become mechanical vectors of pathogenic organisms, which can lead to different diseases, mainly those related to gastrointestinal problems.

The most frequent solution is the application of insecticides, but these carry risks equivalent to those just mentioned. As an alternative to these substances, there are some more sustainable and environmentally friendly ways, such as the use of biodegradable materials. Here are some tips that will help you to stop ants.

Basically, the ingredients you will need to do away with ants will be: salt, lemon, vinegar and water in equal measure, orange peels with water, Vaseline, cayenne pepper, chalk, duct tape, cornmeal, cinnamon spray), peppermint essential oil, refined sugar, coffee grounds, boiling water, baking soda and vinegar.

How to Get Rid Ant in House

You can use these ingredients in two distinct methods: direct application and prevention.


Direct application using natural ingredients

  • Spray the ants with water and vinegar in equal measure. The low pH of the mixture should exterminate them without damaging the furniture, remembering that vinegar and baking soda are also great ingredients for cleaning surfaces.
  • When you see ants, tape them and press them with your fingers, repeating the process to the end of the tape and capture as many ants as possible.
  • Feed them with cornmeal. This method consists in hindering the digestion of the ants and thereby causing their death.
  • In the main focus, pour hot soapy water to exterminate most ants.


Prevention of ants

Identify the path that the ants make and find their origin. Look for areas in your home that can serve as entrances to the ants. This includes holes, windows, entrance doors for animals, cracks. Once you have found these areas, use some of these prevention techniques:

  • Spread salt on flat surfaces, such as windows. Unlike sugar, the ants will not bother you anymore.
  • Draw barriers with chalk. With the chalk stuck on the walls and cracks in the doors, the ants will give up because they do not like the calcium carbonate in the chalk.
  • Squeeze lemon on the edges that are exposed outdoors. The strong citrus scent of the lemon will scare the ants.
  • Cover cracks and cracks occupied by ants with cayenne pepper. But do this out of the reach of pets, so they do not try to smell or lick the pepper.
  • On large surfaces, sprinkle the water and vinegar mixture.
  • Spread orange peels around the foundation of your home or on the anthills. Again, with the citrus scent of the fruit, the ants must flee.
  • Put petroleum jelly along the edges of your containers. Use this in the bowls of your pets that, as they stay in contact with the ground, can attract many ants. With this, they will no longer bother your animal when it is eating.
  • The clove also helps to scare off the ants. Just add a little inside the sugar bowl and the dishes that are around the cakes that can finish with ants fast.
  • The powdered cinnamon can be placed around the place where they appear. It is easy to clean after application and ants detest small debris on its way. Spray cinnamon oil is great for spraying around places that serve as access and path for insects.
  • Spray the peppermint essential oil around windows, doors, sinks and other entrances and paths. In addition to the ant- fighting benefit, the product leaves a pleasant aroma in place. The same procedure is done with water and mint liquid soap also work.
  • Incredibly, in addition to carrying food, ants also carry acidic substances for their protection. To counteract this, mix baking soda and refined sugar in a plastic lid and deposit in strategic locations.
  • Pass coffee grounds in cracks and holes that can shelter ants.
  • Spread wheat cream around anthills or on paths that these insects make. The ants will feed on the cream and, due to the composition, will undergo a process of expansion that will lead to death.

Another effective method to wipe out ants is to leave the house clean. Do not leave crumbs on the floor and frequently clean your countertop, especially the kitchen countertop.

Also remember that ants are part of the food chain guys :D. Do not eliminate everyone living in your neighborhood, focus on just protecting your home.

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