How to Figure Square Feet ?

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How to Figure Square Feet – To find the sq. Footage of something is the equal of asking the space of a two-dimensional shape or floor. Space is a degree of how a whole lot area whatever thing takes up in 2 dimensions. Commonly, to investigate space, you need two measurements: duration and width. Individuals use sq. Snapshots for a few ward off adding estimating how lots carpet or paint to purchase or gauging how large their apartment is.

How to Figure Square Feet
Measuring Tape


degree one side of the rectangle. As an instance, the one hand measures four feet.

Degree the adjoining side (not the contrary side) of the rectangle or sq. In the instance, the near side measures 5 feet.

Multiply one size by the other to verify the sq. pix of the shape. In the example, four feet times five ft equals 20 feet squared, aka sq. feet.



Degree the base of the triangle. For instance, say the base of a triangle measures three feet.

Degree the whats up of the triangle, which is the distance from the bottom to the top aspect. In our instance, the good day of the triangle is 5 feet.

Multiply the base by the hey and divide by 2 to investigate the sq. Footage of the triangle. In our instance, five toes times three ft equals 15 sq. feet, which divided by 2 equals seventy-five. Sq. Feet.



Degree the diameter of the circle from one side of the circle to the contrary aspect of the circle. For instance, a circle has a diameter of 10 feet.

Divide the diameter by 2 to check the radius. In our instance, ten toes divided by 2 equals a radius of 5 feet.

Sq. the radius. In our example, five toes squared equals 25 sq. feet.

Multiply the radius squared by pi. In our instance, 25 sq. Toes times 3.14 equals 78.5 sq. feet.

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