How to Empty Shark Vacuum

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Shark vacuums use a plastic dust container to contain dirt and debris instead of using disposable vacuum bags. When you do not need to buy new bags, you must empty the dust container on your shark vacuum regularly to prevent the vacuum from clogging or loss of suction. Shark Company recommends emptying the vacuum after each use or at any time the container appears to be full if it aspires to a large or special soiled area.

How to Empty Shark Vacuum


How to Empty Shark Vacuum

Step 1

Unplug the Shark and disconnect from the power outlet.

Step 2

Hold the handle located on the top of the shark vacuum dust compartment.

Step 3

Press the button on the front of the handle with your thumb and pull the dust bucket up and away from the VAC.

Step 4

Secure the dust pail over a trash can.

Step 5

Press the button located on the side of the dust compartment near the bottom of the compartment. This will cause the lower part of the wastebasket to open and release dirt and debris into the trash can.

Step 6

Press the bottom of the dust container closed with your hand and return the container to the shark cleaner.


Here are some signs that your vacuum cleaner needs to be cleaned.

Suction Power Loss

The loss of suction power is the main indicator. In such cases, your vacuum cleaner will not work as well as before. When the filters are clogged and dirty, the suction power that takes a blow is found. The suction power can also be affected if there is an accumulation of too much debris or other materials over time in the rotating brush located at the bottom.

Bad/Unpleasant Odor

If an unpleasant odor is emitted from the vacuum, it may be indicative of an accumulation of dust, dirt, debris, and other contaminants in the cleaning tool. Once the unit is cleaned, the odor will return to normal. See the best pet hair aspirators

Sound change

If the machine is found producing a different kind of sound than it emanated from it before during an operational state, it could mean that the vacuum has to be emptied as soon as possible. He may be unable to suck all the debris.

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