How to Dispose of Garbage Properly

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The trash/garbage breaks down into tremendously different rhythms. For example, a banana peel takes about a month, while the rubber takes about 70 years and plastic support can take 500 years. Landfills are eyesores dirty and smelly eyesores that are rapidly cramming and release methane gas into the atmosphere, while incineration releases carbon dioxide and other contaminants into the air. With proper disposal methods, you can reduce your impact from debris by effectively eliminating it from your life.

Garbage, trash, rubbish, or refuse is waste material that is discarded by humans, usually due to a perceived lack of utility.

How to Dispose of Garbage Properly


How to Dispose of Garbage Properly

Step 1

Order your trash in a few different boxes. This can be done quickly by creating a multi-storage bin in your kitchen so that items can be sorted as they are removed.

Step 2

Bring any junk that can be reused, such as toys or clothing, to a thrift store to be resold.

Step 3

Carry recyclables such as glass, plastic and paper to a local recycling center. If your neighborhood has a recycling collection, leave it in front of your home in plastic boxes. Do not use plastic trash bags, as this only contributes to waste.

Step 4

Transform food and garden waste into compost. You can do this with a simple compost pile, or rush things with a compost container full of worms that would digest the garbage and do the work for you. Once it is fully composted, it can be used in your garden as a rich fertilizer.

Step 5

Pick up any leftover trash in a trash bag and place it in a dust basket. Remember to seal the top so that the animals cannot enter it. Leave the container in sight for the garbage collectors on your picking day.

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