How to Decorate Room for Honeymoon (6 Tips)

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How to Decorate Room for Honeymoon – After so many months of preparations, and a super-intense Bday in emotions (and duration), the honeymoon presents itself to you as that perfect getaway to-finally-disconnect, relax and enjoy as a couple. For this, it is not only important to choose the destination of the honeymoon, taking into account your tastes and personality, but also that room-refuge for the first days of newlyweds.

How to Decorate Room for Honeymoon

How to Decorate Room for Honeymoon 1

One of the favorite destinations for the bride and groom are paradisiacal beaches, with those wonderful villas or bungalow on the water, which are well worth the whim. But would you know how to choose the ideal room for your honeymoon? … From the hand of Beachcomber Hotels, and taking as an example the hotel eco-friendly Sainte Anne Island, located on the private island of the same name in Seychelles, we give you these tips for choosing the perfect room for the honeymoon.


6 Tips to choose the perfect room for your honeymoon.

1. Privacy,

After so many days of hustle and bustle among family and friends, and to really enjoy each other , it is best to opt for the comfort, tranquility and intimacy of a private villa … and whether they are surrounded by lush tropical gardens and / or with breathtaking views to the sea, you will not want to leave it!


2. Luxury,

The honeymoon is the ideal moment – and the perfect excuse – to spare no attention to yourself . A pool and / or own Jacuzzi or a gazebo for romantic evenings are some of the ‘extras’ that are well worth it. Although if we talk about luxuries, having a private outdoor shower is one of the most tempting whims to enjoy as a couple.


3. Comfort,

At the time of choosing the room and/or villa, think of comfort. It will be 7 or 15 days in which that destination will be your first ‘home’, so it must be really cozy: spacious bedroom, fully equipped bathroom, incredible king size bed (the 1.50 m will be waiting for you when you return), air conditioning, wifi access and, a detail I like about Sainte Anne Island, the option of “Island inclusive”, an all-inclusive package that although it has an additional cost will make you enjoy your stay, including from a select choice of restaurants where to eat as different recreational and sports activities.


4. Decoration,

Luxury and comfort have to be linked by a careful, sustainable decoration (with natural materials such as wood, granite, etc.) and, preferably, that enhances the local characteristics -of exoticism and warmth- of where the Hotel is located … Although, you can do without paintings if the decoration is a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean or a tropical forest.


5. Room service,

The success of any stay is undoubtedly the attention of the room service, and not only speak of cleanliness, but of that dedicated and personalized, exquisite and impeccable treatment that only the best hotels can give. Returning from the honeymoon remembering the sincere and friendly smile of the employees of a hotel is priceless.


6. Gifts for newlyweds,

Champagne and fresh fruit in the room as welcome, an exclusive massage or spa treatment for the couple are some of the gifts for newlyweds that offer hotels such as Sainte Anne Island. It’s your honeymoon and as such you have to celebrate it.

As you can see, there are six simple points to keep in mind so that enjoying the honeymoon fully is a gift and not an odyssey. This will be one of the most special trips you can do together – and as newlyweds – so do not skimp on luxury, comfort, privacy, tranquility, services and whims only for two.



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