How to Decorate a Small Room in a Country House

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How to Decorate a Small Room in a Country House – Decorating a small room in a country house is an act of love. The decor of the cottage should be welcoming, bright and simple and bring a sense of satisfaction and relaxation to the resident. Although a small room makes decorating challenging, you can make the most out of your small room by choosing the right paints and furniture.

How to Decorate a Small Room in a Country House


What do you need?

  • Wall paint
  • Bed
  • Whitewashed furniture
  • Clothes for bed


How to Decorate a Small Room in a Country House


  1. Choose a light and glossy wall paint. Pale yellow or pale blue work great for a small room, making it light-hearted and light-hearted for visitors. Use a primer white and eggshell finish for a cozy result.
  2. Put a single or queen-size bed (extra large) in the center of the room against the wall. A double mattress would be the best option unless you really want to accommodate a couple. Then choose a queen-size if you have space. Do not use a footboard to save space.
  3. Use furniture and headboard for the whitewashed bed. They are very chic and maintains the room’s bright cleanliness. Buy a small side table and desk to complete the room.
  4. Choose bed linens. The decor of a cottage is often made with sheets and floral theme sets and quilted duvet. If you are going to choose a floral bedding, do not overdo it. Many flowers will make the room appear smaller, so use a floral sheet and quilt or less printed duvet. Throw a white blanket on the end of the bed to hide the prints even more.
  5. Put a mirror to reflect the light from the bedroom windows. A mirror with a whitewashed frame or a barn wood frame will fall nicely on a desk or near the door.
  6. Hang some short shelves around a window or high above the bed to provide additional space. Add some vintage items, such as a small cage, perfume bottles or jugs of water to complete the cottage look.
  7. Put white window ornaments, choosing from a huge curtain or blinds. Both of the trimmings make the room feel cozy and welcoming, as well as a cozy cottage atmosphere.


Tips & Warnings

  • Look at flea markets for chic furnishings and low-cost, high-style accessories.
  • Do not mess up space. If you can put cupboards in a closet to maximize space in the room. Otherwise, combining white furniture is the best way to get the most out of a small room.
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