How to Decorate a Small Bedroom with a Queen Size Bed

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How to Decorate a Small Bedroom with a Queen Size Bed – Continue with your queen size bed, even in a small bedroom. The secret to leaving a beautiful little space is in the furniture, the colors and the decoration chosen, as well as how you will put the furniture. Enjoy all the pieces and use some for more than one thing when possible. Most of the small rooms have space for a queen size bed, one or two bedside tables, a tall chest and a chair. Decide soon if you want some large or small pieces that create a minimalist look.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom with a Queen Size Bed
How to Decorate a Small Bedroom with a Queen Size Bed


What do you need?

  • Ink
  • Furniture for bedroom
  • Mirrors
  • Decorative accessories

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom with a Queen Size Bed


  1. Paint the room brightly and cheerfully, like some golden, yellow or red. Deeper colors such as green, blue, wine or purple will add depth to the room. If you prefer prints rather than smooth walls, try using vertical stripes, even if only on one wall. This will direct the eyes up instead of making the focus the size of the room.
  2. Put your queen size bed on the room’s longest wall. In tiny rooms, leave it 2.5 cm from the wall for more space instead of using two bedside tables. Otherwise, place a nightstand or small chest on each side of the bed. Opting for a chest will give you more space to store clothes and other items. Use a headboard, but avoid using chests at the foot of the bed as this makes the bed be the center of attention in the bedroom.
  3. Hang long, upright mirrors over the nightstands if there are no windows in the room. If you have a window, hang the mirror elsewhere, as it will highlight the light, making the room appear larger.
  4. Use a tall shelf with drawers instead of a common dresser, if at all possible. Choosing items that are taller than wide will use more wall space, giving you the same storage space and using less of the little space available in the room.
  5. Install wall lamps above the nightstands or near the headboard instead of placing the traditional lamps on them. This will leave the top of the tables free, causing less mess, which helps make the room look bigger. Place the television in a cabinet, over a chest, or hang it on the wall.
  6. Decorate the bed and windows with plain and light fabrics. Insert colors or prints on the cushions or on an upholstered chair.
  7. Hang shelves above your chair to hold smaller items or expose important photos or souvenirs. Put small decorative boxes on the shelves to hold various items that need to be stored.
  8. Use baskets or decorative boxes to store clothes or other larger items under the bed. Plastic containers are suitable for this if you are using a long bedspread.


Tips & Warnings

  • Lower beds and smaller pieces will make the room look bigger.
  • Use the space available on the walls as much as possible, but avoid overloading them. Hanging too many things will create a feeling of suffocation. Hang up to two photos on any wall. Leave them spaced so that the free space makes the wall appear larger.
  • Donate, sell or throw away any clothing or items you do not use or do not have a sentimental attachment to.
  • The mess or many small trinkets will make any room, especially a small, seem careless. Consider taking turns exposing some special items, leaving some on display while others are stored in a safe place.
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