How to Decorate a Room with Two Single Beds

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How to Decorate a Room with Two Single Beds – Decorating a room with two single beds is not complicated. Keep in mind the use of the room when deciding the colors and the decorating styles. If it is a guest room or for the use of just one occupant, the design of the room will vary if the room has two occupants sharing the area. Two beds in a common size room can visually decrease the size of the room, so it is important to use a decor that will maximize space.

How to Decorate a Room with Two Single Beds


How to Decorate a Room with Two Single Beds


  1. Use matching bedding for single beds. This creates a visual flow and prevents the division of space. Avoid monotony with pillowcases of different colors for each bed.
  2. Put a nightstand between the two beds. This allows each person to make use of an alarm clock or a reading lamp.
  3. Position the beds as close to the side wall as possible to allow more room to walk into the room.
  4. Paint the walls in pastel or soft, neutral colors. Pale colors visually increase the area.
  5. Use two different colors of paint on the side walls of the room if you have children who need to express their individuality, but choose colors that complement, contrast or are from the same color family. Paint the wall behind the headboard – the focus of the room – with vertical stripes. Form the stripes by placing adhesive tape on the wall to make stripes 15 cm wide. Paint the focus wall with one of the colors and make the stripes with another color of the room. Remove the tape when the ink dries. This allows individuals to have their own choice of color and the stripes make the colors blend in a creative way.
  6. Place a rug between the two beds that matches the bedding and the colors of the walls.


What do you need?

  • Bed linen
  • Nightstand
  • Wall paint
  • Scotch tape

Tips & Warnings

  • Use multifunctional furniture in the room to save space such as chests, benches, and poufs with hidden storage space. These types of furniture are to sit and also serve as a deposit.
  • Avoid too much decoration in the room, this increases the cluttered look and makes space look smaller.
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