How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

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How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway – All the rooms, rooms and rooms of the house get a special decoration and attention when choosing the style you want for the house, but most people forget the corridor. This space as important as any other of the property does not deserve to be left out and should also gain a good appreciation for the decoration.

The hallway is an area of ​​passage of the house and therefore needs to blend well with the essence of the other rooms. That way, you create an interesting environment without undoing the others.

Important points when decorating a corridor:

  • Clear space for passage
  • Good ilumination
  • Safety to prevent accidents

Because it is a passing environment, the corridor must have clear space. After all, you do not want to wander about objects, right? It also needs good lighting so one can see the path and enough security to walk without worry. Therefore, rugs, for example, are not advisable on nearby stairways, as the risk of causing an accident is high.

Now that you already know the basics about decorating the hallway , check out these eight tips that will help build a perfect environment:


1. Lighting

How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

Lighting is a basic part of decorating hallways. She alone could make an incredible environment. Lighting is required to ensure safe walking and inviting. The hallway to the bedroom, for example, can gain indirect light to create a relaxing mood.


2. Frames

How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

Frames are decorations that do not take up space. With this, you can put details in the hallway without slowing down the passage. This is the best environment for putting photos, for example. Runners as if they were family photo murals look amazing.



How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

Photo Frames are fashionable. Whether color or single color, they create an interesting depth effect that helps increase the width of the aisle when it is too small.
In small or very narrow hallways, you can use a mirror to enhance the environment. The mirrors give a greater sense of space. So you can use a mirror on the side, for example, to “increase” the width of the hallway.


4. Mirror

Round mirrors are also great options for raising the mood and raising interest in the hallway. In addition to this feature of amplitude, when illuminated indirectly, they favor lighting.


5. Furniture

Larger corridors can gain furniture in contrast to the wall colors. A colored dresser in a large hallway, for example, will give an incredible effect. The key is to use creativity and common sense.


6. Shelves

How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

Another alternative for anyone wanting bases in narrow aisles is to place small shelves. She can receive books, vases and other items that contribute to the decor.


7. Enlightened Nights

Small illuminated niches increase the depth of the corridor. They can also contain decorative objects In addition to depth, they help in lighting differently and interestingly.


8. Floor

How to Decorate a Narrow Hallway

A suitable floor can enhance the environment even more. Wood laminates are a great option.

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