How to Cut Granite Countertops Yourself

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How to Cut Granite Countertops Yourself – Granite countertops are a beautiful and functional addition to most kitchen or bathroom. While granite countertops will increase the value of your home, they are quite expensive. You can reduce the cost of adding by measuring and cutting granite yourself. Although the job of cutting granite is not difficult, it is the same as many other cutting materials. Have the proper tools for the job and know how to cut it is important to success.

How to Cut Granite Countertops Yourself


How to Cut Granite Countertops Yourself

  1. Support both sides of the piece of granite you cut. Keep in mind that granite is heavy. As you cut the granite into two pieces, you have to support the weight of the two pieces, so that the weight of the granite does not break the room rather than leaving the saw to cut on the line provided.
  2. Measure the granite carefully. It is clear that mark the place where you intend to cut with a pencil or pencil.
  3. Using a circular saw equipped with a diamond cut blade, carefully cut on the line you marked. Use a grinder to polish the cutting edges.
  4. Mark all cuts on granite. Circular cut-outs Cut that is small with an electric drill equipped with a diamond-saw blade hole of the appropriate size. Cut large cutouts (such as the cutout for a sink) using the diamond saw blade hole at the four corners of the cutout, then using the circular saw equipped with the diamond blade for the straight edges.

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