How to Clean Quartz Countertops

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The countertops, whether they are located in the kitchen or in the bathroom, are work surfaces on which different tasks will be carried out: food handling or issues related to personal hygiene. It is evident that it is necessary to keep them clean and, in the first case, free of bacteria and microorganisms.

The new materials used in the manufacture of these parts are increasingly easier to clean and to keep disinfected. In any case, the cleaning process must be exhaustive, if you want to get the most out of your quartz countertop and have a neat appearance, this article interests you.

How to Clean Quartz Countertops
How to Clean Quartz Countertops

We are talking about a material that stands out for its durability and low porosity. Two issues of essential importance to facilitate cleaning tasks. In the case of porosity, we are talking about a very important feature that will allow us to place quartz countertops in, especially humid areas. As for the stains and dirt, we will find some that recur frequently.

The quartz countertops, also known as artificial stone countertops have become a very popular option in recent years mainly because of its strength and tremendous potential in terms of designs they offer.

These are mainly composed of quartz (around 95%), resins and pigments. Among its characteristics, its non-porosity stands out (liquids do not leak inside and do not favor the proliferation of fungi or bacteria), they are resistant to knocks and scratches, and also to many chemical products.

Daily cleaning

What not to do

There are cleaning products, common in any house, that can damage the surface of our quartz countertop in the medium or long term. These include ammonia, and therefore also lye, and lemon. Therefore we must avoid cleaning products that contain some of these components.

Other harmful chemicals can be chlorine-based, such as strippers and some degreasers.

Some foods such as coffee, wine or oil, whose stains are common on kitchen countertops, can stain some materials such as granite. In the case of quartz countertops, such as the Compac and Silestone brands, the problem does not exist.

What to do

In this sense, it is common for manufacturers to provide consumers with cleaning products that meet all their requirements. Although it is also true that they usually have a high price and that they are not usually available in supermarkets. The great advantage that they can have is that in some cases they are also designed to maintain the surface shine and avoid discoloration as much as possible.

However, from day to day, it is not necessary to complicate more than necessary. A microfiber cloth and a few drops of soap will be enough, the same we use to clean the dishes. This is usually sufficient.

In cases where we have not cleaned according to the stain produced, and it has dried, we can use a plastic spatula. Try not to use metallic scouring pads, since scratches may occur in the long run.

If a stain becomes particularly stubborn, we can use a few drops of alcohol mixed with warm water and a little soap.

More Tips

Grease stains

Given the grease, the best option will be to dilute a little anti-degreasing soap with water and rub on the stain. Then it will have to be rinsed with a cloth and clean water.


To remove silicone residues we can use a knife and a few drops of solvent.

Marker pen

Alcohol is the best solution against marker stains.

Water lime

Apply vinegar directly on the spots and leave to act for a minute, then we must rinse it with clean water.

Food colorings

In this case, bleach will be the best option. Although, as it is a strong product, it will be best to dilute it in water and clean with a soft cloth.

Finally, from Encimeras Cruz we want to emphasize that acting quickly can make a difference. Although quartz is a porous material, it will be necessary to prevent liquids from penetrating inside the stone and can end up deteriorating it permanently. As much as possible, it is advisable to remove stains and dirt from these surfaces as soon as possible.

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