How to Clean Mirror: Cleaning and Storage Tips

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Do you know how to clean the mirror? Keeping a mirror clean can often be a difficult thing to do. Stains, scratches, dust and blurry spots can come with time and use and can ruin that perfect self in front of the mirror, as well as disrupting your vision and compromising the durability of your mirror. Therefore, it is always good to take a little time to clean it, getting rid of the most common dirt and always keeping it clean and shining.

how to clean mirror

With that in mind, we’ve come up with some quick, easy tips to clean your mirror, whether it’s fat stains, dust or fog, using simple materials you have at home.


How to Clean Mirror

  1. Take out the dust: you can use a soft cloth or a duster for this. It is important to remove dust frequently and always before cleaning products. Spending a soft cloth or duster will take you only a few seconds and will keep your mirror free of dust for a few days.
  2. Clean with alcohol: make an alcohol solution with water and soak a soft cloth. Never throw or spray the substance directly into the mirror as the result may be worse. Always place the solution first on the cloth, and then go through the entire length of the mirror.
  3. Be careful with the edges: some edges of mirrors can be damaged with substances and even with water. Therefore, avoid passing the cloth moistened by the edges of the mirror.

The strategy of always holding a cloth nearby to remove dust can make your mirror stay clean longer. The cloth should be a soft fabric, such as microfiber, for example, to avoid scratches that other fabrics can provide.


How to Clean Blurred Mirror

One tip for cleaning mirrors or very blurry glass is to use bar soap. To do this, simply pass the soap bar across the length of your mirror, being careful with the edges. Then remove it with the help of a damp cloth. Then wipe dry with a soft, dry cloth.

If your mirror is fogged at bath time, you can also use a bit of toothpaste to take away the blot instantly.


How to Clean Greasy Mirror

To remove grease, first, use a paper towel. Pass the paper towel only into the grease stain. This will prevent fat from spreading through the mirror at the time of cleaning, forming new spots

To remove the remaining grease, moisten a soft cloth and drip a few drops of neutral detergent. Go through the length of the mirror carefully and looking at the edges. Then simply dry with a dry cloth.


How to Clean Mirror with Stains

Another interesting solution to remove the stains from your mirror is vinegar, much used in various forms of cleaning at home. To clean mirrors and glasses, simply mix a tablespoon of vinegar in a quart of warm water. The warm water will help the vinegar act in the mirror, removing spots, fogging and marks of fat.


Tips for taking care of your mirror

Small daily care with your mirror can prevent stains and damage, and save you from a heavy cleaning and increase the life of your mirror.

  1. Never throw water in your mirror. Throwing water directly into your mirror can cause the material to spoil, as well as damaging the frame.
  2. Clean your mirror at least once a week. This way, you increase the durability of your mirror and prevent dust and grease accumulation.
  3. Be careful with cleaning the large mirrors. Avoid passing the broom near the mirror when cleaning the floor to avoid scratching and damage.
  4. Beware of substances and materials in your mirror. Clean only with mild soap, mild detergent or alcohol on a soft cloth. Leave the other substances and materials, such as chlorine, ammonia, steel straws, and sponges, well away from your mirror. Even the vinegar should be used dosed and diluted in water to avoid damaging the material.
  5. Use specific products for the frame. If it is wood, use specific waxes and products. If it is plastic, a damp cloth is enough.

See how simple it is? With easy tips you can keep your mirror always clean and ready for the next photo!

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