How to Clean Carpet at Home

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With a suitable shampoo and applicator, you can clean your carpets, folders, or treadmills at home. However, if you have old or valuable tape, entrust your cleaning to a professional or refer a specialist company.

How to Clean Carpet at Home

There are currently electric vacuum cleaning machines with spray-vacuum systems (injection and extraction) that allow the flow of the cleaning agent and the aspiration of the liquid after application.

Shampoo applicators for carpet have foam rollers or brushes and sometimes the two elements, which force the shampoo to penetrate the carpet when moving the device forward and backward. The shampoo, contained in a tank connected to the cable, is drained to the rollers using a lever or flow control knob. Carefully read the instruction manual supplied with the appliance. Pour the shampoo diluted in hot water into the machine tank. From this reservoir, the shampoo flows through a flexible tube to the spray head, located immediately in front of the suction head of the machine. This head allows suctioning of dirt, old shampoo and most of the water applied to a collection tank in the appliance.

The best shampoo to clean carpets at home is that of dry foam, which mixes with water to form the detergent solution. If possible, use the mark recommended by the carpet manufacturer or consult a professional.
Before cleaning, carefully vacuum the carpet and treat the dirtiest spots by applying shampoo with a cloth, sponge or brush with hard bristles in a circular motion (see the instructions on the shampoo pack).

Once dried, the shampoo forms crystals that should be removed with the vacuum cleaner. Make sure the carpet is thoroughly dry before vacuuming. If heavy furniture is required in place before the carpet is completely dry, place a sheet of aluminum foil under the feet of each piece of furniture to protect the carpet.

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