How to Clean and Maintain Granite Countertops

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How to Clean and Maintain Granite Countertops – Granite is a widely used material in sinks and countertops in kitchens and bathrooms. Although it is a bright natural stone, easy to keep clean and even tougher than marble, it also needs specific care to prevent it from being damaged or stained.

How to Clean and Maintain Granite Countertops

This matter is for you housewife who has a countertop or granite sink at home and wants to keep it beautiful and preserved for longer. Our faithful reader, Thelma Sabim, gave us tips and revealed tricks that she herself experienced in her home so that we could share this knowledge with you, check it out.


Care to keep granite well preserved

One of the care that must be taken to keep the piece well preserved is to pass sealer annually on its surface. Thus you ensure that the granite maintains its impermeability and does not absorb liquids that are spilled on it.

Do not use abrasive chemicals, cleaners with acidic ingredients (such as vinegar) to clean the granite worktop or sink as these substances can leave stains and scratches.

Foods like sodas, vinegar, and lemon juice should be kept away from the countertop or if they fall they should be removed quickly to prevent them from leaving mark on the material.

Anything spilled on the countertop should be cleaned as quickly as possible, so you guarantee it will be free of stains. Another tip is that you should never use the granite countertop as a cutting board as this will leave scratches and cuts.


How to Clean Granite Countertops

To clean, prepare a solution of a few drops of mild detergent in warm water. Then wipe the solution on the granite with a sponge or soft cloth. That done, the next step is to rinse and dry with paper towel or cloth.

The second cleaning step is to mix one part of isopropyl alcohol (70%) with three parts of water in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the countertop by wiping with a paper towel or a soft cloth to dry.


How to remove stains on granite

Fat Stain: To remove fat stains like cooking oil and milk, the first step is to remove the dirt with a detergent. Then you should make a paste of baking soda with a few drops of water and pass the stain.

You can also make a paste with a glass of flour or baking soda and 5 tablespoons of detergent. Then add water until you get a paste with the consistency of yogurt. Then you should put the paste on the stain, cover with plastic and leave overnight. Finally, remove the paste with water.

Stain caused by organic matter: Stains of fruit, coffee, tea, food, and paper can cause brownish pink spots on the stone. Use a solution of hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain.

Ink Stain: In darker granite, use thinner or acetone to remove paint spots or markers. In light-colored granite, use hydrogen peroxide to remove these stains. Rinse well then.

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