How to Clean a Vitamix

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How to Clean a Vitamix
How to Clean a Vitamix


Vitamix products are frequently considered premium items. When you take a expression at the technology that is at work in them, the price tag seems worth it. The Vitamix designers and engineers create these products with the same passion that is shared by their client. Vitamix is the best way to go for the professional chefs who need absolute perfection, and people like you and me who love to channel their inner chef once in a while. The best thing that goes hand in hand with your robust Vitamix is a guide explaining, how to clean a Vitamix?

Buying a Vitamix is an investment. The Vitamix company has the same perspective. The robustness and the longevity of these devices are unparalleled. You get a 10-years warranty for your freshly purchased Vitamix. This investment will only make awareness if the product lasts for a long time. And it will last longer if you take good care of it. The level of sophistication of these products requires a sophisticated cleaning process as well. Let’s see how to clean a Vitamix.

Can you just put it in a dishwasher?

Out of all the parts that Vitamix ships, only the S-series containers with 20-ounce and 40-ounce capacity can be washed in the dishwasher. The pressure buildup in the dishwashers and the higher water temperatures can irreparably harm your Vitamix. Washing the Vitamix in a dishwasher is counter intuitive for its length of service.

Getting rid of the harsh smells:

It can be really unsettling if your Vitamix retains a important smell from your previous use. Ingredients like onions and garlic are your usual suspects when it comes to strong scent. Apart from being distracting, there is no telling about how it will affect your current recipe.

Getting rid of the odors is especially difficult. This is due to the fact that the odor is released by superfine pigments of food that are stuck to the surface. These pigments hold on to the surface of the Vitamix container tightly.

In such situations, you can use a strong mixture of white vinegar and warm water. Fill the Vitamix container entirely with this mixture. Keep it still overnight. Remove half of the content. Then run it on a clean cycle. Follow this by a gentle cleaning with soap and rinse. Finally, the odor coming out of the Vitamix will be replaced by the appreciated smell of cleanliness.

Cleaning the whitened Vitamix container:

You have cleaned the Vitamix regularly since you have bought it. But still the container walls are whitened, and you cannot clean it. Well, do not worry! That’s why we are here! To show you how to clean a Vitamix through and through.

Vitamix products are mainly used to create juices and smoothies from fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich with minerals. All over, as you use it, this mineral content gets deposited on the walls of your Vitamix container. And your Vitamix ceases to look like a premium machine that it is.

To clean a whitened Vitamix container, all you have to do is, pour one cup of white vinegar in the container. Fill it up about halfway with warm water. Then, rest it for 5-6 hours and throw the mixture out. After that, just mildly scrub it with a soft scrubber and rinse it. To gain the strength of the mixture, you can add baking soda and lime juice in it.

Removing the turmeric stains from your Vitamix:

Turmeric is one of the healthiest ingredients for your smoothies and gravies. It has a disposition to leave yellow stains on most of the materials. These stains are hard to remove. If you know the trick, nevertheless, you will be able to clean turmeric stains off of your Vitamix with ease.

The trick is to leave it in the sunlight for a while. The UV light is known to disintegrate the turmeric stains. After that, you wash it thoroughly with a soft brush and white vinegar mixture. You can make it even easier by applying baking soda and lemon juice to the turmeric spots.

Cleaning the base of the Vitamix:

The base of the Vitamix can easily get neglected during your regular cleanups. Small amounts of waste bits and spillage may get built up over time and harden. This can cause the growth of fungus on your Vitamix and might prevent the knob from working properly. To avoid this, you should clean it from time to time with Clorox wipes.

How to clean a Vitamix after every use:

There is a way to ensure that your Vitamix lasts longer and is available in all its glory whenever you need it. How did you ask? By cleaning it after every use. When you make a habit of it, you won’t have to search around, how to clean a Vitamix.

After using your Vitamix, you can do a quick round of scrubbing with a brush and then washing. This removes a sizable amount of stuff. Next, you can fill the container with warm and soapy water and run it on a clean cycle. This is the self-cleaning method that Vitamix advises.

It will hardly take a minute or two to clean the Vitamix after every use. This habit will make your Vitamix last longer and look fresh as a whistle when you need it the next time.

Keeping the Vitamix clean:

Make it a routine to clean the Vitamix as soon as you finish working with it. You have to be adaptive with the cleaning know-how. Various materials processed in the Vitamix require various kinds of cleaning methods.

As we mentioned earlier, fruits and vegetables are rich in minerals. After processing them in your Vitamix, soak it in hot water for a while and finish with a gentle scrubbing using soapy water. For sticky things like peanut butter, use lemon juice to clean the container absolutely.


For us, recommending a Vitamix is a no brainer. It is regular cleaning; nevertheless, it is something that every Vitamix owner should practice. We hope that you found this comprehensive guide on how to clean a Vitamix helpful. Here, we covered a wide range of scene regarding the cleaning of your Vitamix. Use these methods to keep your Vitamix clean and make it the envy of your friends. Vitamix products are made with unmatched finesse, deep passion, and technological grace. These machines will demonstrate to be the best investment in your kitchen, that is if you do your part.

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