How To Choose a Mattress

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How To Choose a Mattress – We spent about a third of our lives asleep. If we live for 60 years, 20 will be spent on a mattress. Have you thought of that? Now imagine the importance of choosing the ideal mattress. It can not be too hard, but it also can not be too soft. The mattress has to allow a comfortable and correct posture during sleep. When lying down on the mattress should be able to identify resilience. That is, the mattress adapts to the shape of your body but is able to return to the original format when you get up. Each has its own characteristics of choice for a mattress. Do not buy the product without experimenting. Lose the shame and lie in it. See if it’s right for you. The one like shows you how to choose a mattress. Your nights will be more rested.

How To Choose a Mattress
How To Choose a Mattress


The ideal mattress (How To Choose a Mattress)

Despite the experts’ recommendations, the ideal mattress for you will always be the one you feel most comfortable with. A night’s sleep is essential for your well-being and for your quality of life.

A good mattress should yield to the shape of your body, so it can not be too soft or too hard. It should support your spine, not force it. The ideal mattress has to evenly distribute your weight and support the different parts of the body. The ideal is a middle ground, which is neither too soft nor too hard. A very soft mattress does not support in a balanced way the heavier parts of your body and can cause misalignment of the spine. On the other hand, the mattress too hard can cause muscle tension.

When choosing a mattress to take into account its weight and height, the density of the mattress has to be compatible with these factors. In the case of mattresses for couples, account must be taken of the characteristics of the older spouse. It does not matter much whether it is spring or foam, but you have to adapt to your body. The ideal mattress has to keep the spine straight and the heavier parts of the body, shoulders, and hips should be able to sink slightly. You should have the same lying posture you have if you are standing.

Get to know different types of mattresses now. Then go to the store and lie down. Try the mattress before you buy it for at least 5 minutes. If you feel comfortable and take care of your biotype buy and start sleeping well.
Just as it is important to choose a mattress adapted to you and your needs, so is the choice of a good pillow, so be sure to check our tips to make the best possible choice.


Types of Mattresses

  • Polyurethane foam: This mattress is made of foam and has several density options according to the characteristics of each person. You can adjust the mattress to your weight and height. It is cheaper than one of the springs and its durability is of approximately two years.
  • Bonnel type spring: This mattress is made with steel springs interlaced with each other and covered with a thin layer of foam. It is aimed at singles, supporting an average weight of 100 kilos. When you move from one side of the mattress, the other swings. It lasts about 10 years and is quite heavy.
  • Bagged Springs: This mattress has the particularity of having steel wire springs individually wrapped. The springs operate individually, and thus the non-pressure surface remains balanced. These mattresses usually have a layer of foam on top of the springs, to ensure more comfort. It has a durability of about 10 years as well.
  • Viscoelastic: This type of foam does not deform with body weight. It has the ability to shape the contours of each one and ends up memorizing them, providing enough comfort. If you want to keep your mattress always clean, then learn how to clean a viscoelastic mattress in our article.
  • Latex: This mattress is made from a synthetic material derived from rubber. It does not heat and has very soft material. Lasts on average about five years. To keep your mattress in excellent condition, check out our tips for cleaning a latex mattress.
  • Orthopedic: This mattress is harder than the others as it has a wooden plank between the layers of foam. It lasts about 10 years.
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