How to Build a Clothesline

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How to Build a Clothesline – A clothesline your laundry room or enclosed at the back porch is a convenient place to dry delicate clothes that can be damaged in the dryer, especially if you don’t want your “delicate” to be in the public view. The installation requires only a few inexpensive supplies, including eye lag, also called an eye screw.

A clothesline is an object used for the drying of clothes after washing. It is a parafernagem in which a rope a wire or rod of aluminum supports the wet clothes,  that, over time, will become dry. You can use a preacher(fastener) spring to better fix the clothes on the clothesline, however, by dividing their weight between the axis of the rope, one can obtain balance.


How to Build a Clothesline

How to Build a Clothesline


  • Locate the wall studs on opposite walls that are closer to each end of your desired clothesline location using a stud detector. Mark the positions of the studs with a pencil.
  • Measure and mark the positions for the installation of the Lag eyes and screw hook securely to the wall jambs. Check the places with a level if the clothesline hangs level.
  • Drill holes through the marks, into the wall studs, using your drilling and drill bits.
  • Mount the Lag eyes and hook screw on the opposite walls. Insert their threaded ends into the pilot holes and rotate clockwise until the curved parts of the eye lag or hook screw meet the walls. Insert a screwdriver into the eye or hook and use it as a handle for increased torque, to install the hardware more easily.
  • Attach one end of the clothesline to the time of the eye. Drape the other end of the line on the screw hook installed. Pull the line tight. Mark the position on the clothesline where he meets the hook. Take the line down.
  • Cut the rope so that it is 12 inches higher than the distance between the material. Tie a noose in the line to the position of the mark you made. Complete the installation of clothesline by hanging the buckle in the noose on the hook.


Video Tutorial – Build a Clothesline Outdoor (Thanks Jon Peters)


Tips and warnings

Drill guide holes using a bit that is slightly smaller in diameter than the eye shifting rod.
The noose will hold the clothesline safely and make it easy to take down or tighten, the line should begin to sag.

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