How to Become an Interior Designer

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How to Become an Interior Designer – One of the growing professions in World is the interior designer. Often mistaken for decorators and architects, interior designers are very requested in businesses, shops, and villas to transform workplaces and consumer environments.

But, after all, what does an interior designer do? In a way, we can say that this professional is a broader fusion of the wisdom of decorators, allied with the art of the designer and the multidisciplinary knowledge of engineers and architects. Summarizing, the interior designer is responsible not only for decorating and organizing environments but primarily by designing spaces aesthetically and functionally.

We know that the process of choosing a profession is not as simple as we would like. However, today, with the advancement of businesses and technologies, there are some tools, such as vocational tests, which can assist in this important process of choice.

Did you have the profile of the interior design course? This graduation is known to allow the adequacy of different lifestyles because, besides the possibility of having a fixed job or being a freelance worker, the profession pervades both the human and the area of exact.

How to Become an Interior Designer


And how to know if interior design is the right course for me?

Just like the vocational tests or even your relatives and friends will tell you; some signs show you can be a great interior designer. Let’s list five! See if you fit into any of them:


1. You are an organized person and always seeks to optimize your home environments

Every week you change your bed and the objects from your room of place to try to gain more space or harmonize your resting environment? When you enter a company or store, do you always think of new ways to optimize that space? Guess what: These can be the first signs that you have everything to do with interior design!


2. You like to draw

Although there is currently 3d software for the development of projects, it is important to have a free-hand, 2d-drawing basis. If you choose an interior design graduation, you will probably be studying drawing materials in college. If you already like to draw, great! If not, do not worry: The goal is not perfection; but to develop the ability to express oneself by drawing, representing their designs on paper.


3. You have a good logical reasoning

In practice, an interior designer deals all the time with measurements, scales, and even administrative issues, and needs to understand of structural, electrical and hydraulic projects. Of course, these subjects are working during the college, but having a sound logical reasoning is crucial for everything to be understood more just.


4. You care about colors and combinations

Some people leave the house with one-style trousers, another shirt and one foot of every tennis. But you don’t! You annoy with colors and prints that do not an ornament or else create unusually, yet super harmonious combinations. Understanding the theory of colors and developing that sensitive look is essential.


5. You are interested in landscaping, architecture, environment, and lighting

As well as a color-sensitive look and harmonious combination of different objects, there is also that macro look, relative to perspective, to pure design, which sees the environment or installation as a whole: not just an artistic work, but also a common environment that works.

If you have identified yourself with these five features, you are likely to have a profession to attend an interior design faculty and be responsible for creating spaces that; in addition to fulfilling functional and aesthetic desires, may be able to provoke sensations or even instigate the senses. Spaces that, above all, inspire creativity — already widely applied technique in the corporate environment to stimulate employees.

So, do you identify with the profession?

Hopefully, this tips and photos about How to Become an Interior Designer are useful for writers in particular also dear readers in general. Thanks were visiting my blog; I believe you enjoy with my post, Good Luck !!!

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