How To Make Your Studio Look Like A Loft

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How To Make Your Studio Look Like A Loft – Lofts became favored after developers converted old commercial buildings and made residential living spaces out of them. They are very popular in big towns like New York and Seattle. They generally have very high ceiling, large business windows, old wood floors, brick or concrete walls, concrete ceilings, steal work, exposed channel work, and nominal interior walls. Most of them still have and try and keep the commercial look that it was once utilised for.

How To Make Your Studio Look Like A Loft

How To Make Your Studio Look Like A Loft
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Residential lofts are very popular with artists, hipsters, and extremely wanted for work live spaces. The high ceiling and natural light make it most popular with artists. Here are a few tips and characteristics of lofts to make yours as hip as possible and more lofty looking.

Brick Walls

Most lofts will have some kind of exposed brick work. If you are remodeling your loft you can buy brick veneer to use as a backsplash in your kitchen or use it to cover an entire wall. Then, If you already have brick in your loft don’t think about painting over the brick. If the brick was painted and you need to remove it, the easiest way to reclaim the brick would to have it sandblasted.

Exposed channel work and plumbing

Lofts might have exposed duct work and plumbing that’s exposed on the ceiling. If you do not have duct work or plumbing exposed and you want to make your loft a bit loftier looking you can purchase duct work for cheap and run it on your ceiling.

Exposed Steal

Industrial home studios can have a large amount of exposed steal. You can use exposed steal for base board trim, window trim, or use steal for your design and photo frames.


Lofts will sometime have concrete ceiling, wall, and floors. If your studio is lacking concrete you can skim coat a thin layer of concrete on your walls or if you’re redoing a kitchen or bath you might want to think about concrete counter tops.

High ceilings

Most lofts have very high ceilings with exposed duct work and plumbing. Some will have wood ceilings with exposed beams others may be made out of concrete. The ceiling is a big feature for lofts. If you have sheet rock I would recommend ripping it out and putting a tongue and groove wood ceiling in with big I beams. It will do miracles for the look of the loft particularly with all of the light coming through the windows.

Concrete and metal steps

Typically a studio will have either concrete stairs with steal supporters or be made of concrete. They may be open under the risers so you can see thru the steps while walking up. Not so many historic original lofts come up for sale. Many of them are new building being built to seem like a historic apartment. Many of the real estate sites don’t have feeds to look for lofts. If you’re looking in the Seattle area though you can go to Seattle Lofts for sale and look at a page of active property listings that will just show active lofts for sale in the Seattle area. – How To Make Your Studio Look Like A Loft

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