Home Remedy for Fruit Flies

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Home Remedy for Fruit Flies – Smart and efficient way to get rid of these mosquitoes without using insecticides

After buying fruits, it is common to leave them in fruit trees to mature more quickly, at room temperature. However, the unwanted “banana flies”, the Drosophila, always appear to attack us.

However, there is a smart and efficient way to get rid of these flies without appealing to insecticides, which can cause various health and environmental problems (see more here ).

Home Remedy for Fruit Flies

Learn how to make a trap for fruit flies:


Necessary materials

  • 1 glass container;
  • 1 sheet of paper (preferably used);
  • 1 fruit (lemon or banana) or 1 honeycomb;
  • 1 roll of adhesive tape.



First, place the piece of fruit on the bottom of the container. Then wrap the sheet of paper to form a funnel and insert the tip into the opening of the container. Finally, with the adhesive tape, seal the edges so there is no room for the flies to escape.

The trap is ready. Just place it next to your fruit bowl. Flies are attracted because of the fruit in the bottom of the pot and down the funnel. The moment they want to leave, there is no room to escape (due to the sealed sides and the funnel). After a while, they will die.

The trap can also be made with PET bottle in place of the glass pot.

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