How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels

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How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels – When squirrels go to war with their personal assets, it may be time to take action. While you may not want to kill the little creature, there are basic ways to get rid of pests that are natural. Squirrels will prevent your home after about it does or spray it with some nasty natural repellents. It did not take long for a squirrel to reevaluate where he spends days. Keep the squirrels away from your garden and your balcony, what they like chewing, with some basic tricks.

The squirrel sometimes red, sometimes brown, feeds on seeds, acorns, berries, hazelnuts, and chestnuts, but unfortunately, in our gardens, their food consists of barks, buds, rhizomes, bulbs, plants, ripe vegetables they dig up. To summarize if the little squirrel is a charming ball of hair, in number, the squirrels can destroy your plantations. Find out how to get rid of squirrels that invade the garden and sometimes the house.


How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels

How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels
How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels

1 – Watering with motion detector

These watering systems, found in garden centers, will scare away squirrels.

2 – Cat or dog

Squirrels will flee a garden where a dog or a cat reigns

3 – Electric fence

Protect your garden! Block the entrance to the squirrels by surrounding the garden with an electric fence.

4 – Maceration

In a bowl mix 4 liters of water, 5 cloves of garlic, 1 large chopped onion and 50 ml of cayenne pepper.
Let macerate 48 hours. Filter the mixture then add 3 tablespoons of dishwashing liquid, then spray the maceration at the foot of the squirrel-loving plants.

5 – Coffee Marc

Arrange around fences, tubing, bulbs, seeds, vegetables or flowers, coffee grounds.
When the squirrels will lick their paws, or tail, they will keep that bad taste bitter in the mouth, and will not come back.

6 – Mustard

Spray a solution of 2 tablespoons of mustard flour for a bucket of hot water.
The smell of mustard will keep squirrels away

7 – Aluminum foil

To prevent squirrels from climbing on your trees, more than 2 meters from the roots, surround their trunks with aluminum foil.
Adjust the sheet as wide as possible, attaching it with clothespins.
Never push anything that could hurt the tree.

8 – Plants and flowers

Plant in the garden around your seedlings flowers and very scented plants that squirrels hate: garlic bears, mint, thyme, lavender, hyacinths.

9 – Pepper

Mix 1 liter of water with 5 teaspoons of pepper, then spray the solution near squirrel-friendly spots

10 – Blood

Pour on the ground around your plantations that are attacked by squirrels a little powder of blood used as fertilizer. Squirrels feeling blood will not dare to approach.
Be careful, it will be necessary to put back this blood after several waterings or heavy rain.

11 – Anti-rodent repellent

This repellent makes it possible to keep squirrels and other small rodents away from your garage, garden shed and your house from the cellar to the attic through the pantry.


Avoid the arrival of squirrels in the house

How to Get Rid of Ground Squirrels – From March to August, the female squirrel can have one or two litters, each including three small on average!
Because squirrels go into garbage cans, we call them “garbage rats”.
Squirrels and rats are from the same family, that of rodents.

But also, the squirrel, yet attracted by the trees, can be introduced in the attic where he will sometimes install his nest but also in the house by the chimney, where he gnaws upholstered seats, mattresses and blankets and especially the electric wires, causing power outages.

12 – Stop the openings

Inspect holes and possible entry points if they can give them access to the house.

13 – Trimming the branches of the trees

Cut tree branches if they allow squirrels to climb on the roof.



The squirrel is a protected species

In France, the squirrel is a protected species, so there is no question of using anticoagulants (which cause hemorrhage) for rats or traps for mice.
And even if squirrels dig the lawn, to bury its reserves even if it harms the growth of your trees, when it feeds on their buds and their bark:

  • Do not capture them!
  • Do not hurt them!
  • Do not kill them!
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