Eco-Friendly Cork Floor Tiles in Bathroom of Your Home

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Eco-Friendly Cork Floor Tiles in Bathroom of Your Home – Cork floor tiles in a bathroom is not typically something that a homeowner would do; but it is certainly possible to be done. It could be because this type of flooring is eco-friendly and they do also come with soft and warm colors that could make your bathroom feels more comfortable. With that being said; you must pay extra attention to them especially when they are being installed because of the high risk of spillage that could happen. It is highly recommended that if you are installing cork flooring for your bathroom that you caulk the perimeter of the room to prevent liquid spills or leakages to the sub-floors underneath or walls surrounding it…


Why choose installations of cork floor tiles in the bathroom?

Cork Floor Tiles in Bathroom

That is actually a pretty good question. Why would someone choose cork flooring in a bathroom for their home? Other than the eco-friendly design that it could offer you; these days they are a more stylish hence better appearance for your bathroom too especially for bathrooms with traditional, vintage or rustic design. Cork material is made out of shed bark of oak wood and they are also resistant to mold and mildew; which might make them the other top reason why people choose to use them for their flooring system inside their bathrooms. It is by far the best choice, especially for a damp bathroom…

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If you compare cork flooring system with hardwood floors; they are softer to walk on and they also good for households with allergies because of their hypoallergenic flooring options that are available these days. Cork flooring pros and cons has been viable because all of those things mentioned above along with them being water resistant too. Last but not least; when you finish installing them inside your bathroom, you would want to finish the job off by applying polyurethane topcoat that could easily protect the floor from spills. This topcoat needs to be re-applied once per 5 or 10 years to make sure that this finishing could help protect your floor especially in the bathroom…

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