Difference Between Living Room and Family Room

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Difference between the living room and family room – There are several names assigned to the room of a home and living room and dining is two very used names. But what’s the difference between the living room and the dining room?

Formerly in a house had a room and point, but today there are several terms that are used to reference the room of a house, this because contemporary or modern life has brought different concepts of the use of this environment and, as well as the separation of certain uses that are made in a house. There were different terms to reference these divisions.

Difference Between Living Room and Family Room
Difference Between Living Room and Family Room


Living room

The living room is the old room that we knew is basically the place where it usually has a sofa, a TV, among other objects. This room can also be understood as a visiting room where you receive visits coming to your home. It can also be used as a TV room, or simply a place for reading or resting at the end of the day for example. I’m not quite sure, but it seems that its use has been increasingly smaller in function of the extremely run lifestyle of people and the habit of receiving visits that seem to be increasingly smaller in countless situations

Dining room

The dining room is usually a division of the living room, in some cases, it may have a stronger division having a balcony or a wall among them, but most cases are just a theoretical separation. In the dining room is usually the dining table of the contemporary family. The dinner was formerly served in the kitchen and hence the kitchen table concept that was used in the past, but today usually build if small kitchens just to prepare food and the same are served in the dining room ideally needs to stay close to the kitchen.

Same room

As explained above, in construction the dining room lounge usually occupies the same room, but its format is usually rectangular allowing what is a part of that for the living room and the other part to the dining room. Usually, the most current plants consider this space this way. – Difference Between Living Room and Family Room

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