Very Cool Glass Bathroom Shelves

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Very Cool Glass Bathroom Shelves – Glass bathroom shelves is the place to put the equipment for bathing. Bathroom appliances are often disorganized and cluttered. For the glass shelves can help to make the bathroom a neat and orderly. This rack is made of glass rectangular. This glass has a sufficient thickness fatherly hold items such as soap, bottles, and others. Glass had a power strong enough to survive for a long time. Then at the end of both sides glass glued metallic rod to attach to the walls of the bathroom. The glass is transparent so that it has the impression that lighter than wood or other rack…

An Innovative Form of Glass Bathroom Shelves

glass bathroom shelves
glass bathroom shelves

This rack has several kinds of unique shape and can save space in your bathroom. The first shape is a rectangle. The rectangle shape with a length and a width that is not too bulky. Then the cone shape. This form can be fitted bathroom corner with the front circular and conical in the middle. This form is placed above the bathtub. Conical shape has a metallic barrier to prevent objects falling over. Glass shelves for bathroom will have two tiers to form a rectangle. With this further add to the place you put the items in the bathroom. By using this, the place is more efficient…

There are other forms of glass shelf that is very unique that is rectangular in shape but there’s arch as a wall rack. This form is supported with a metallic material on the bottom to hold the stick in order to be stronger. This form has two levels, each of which has a capacity large enough to accommodate your goods. The transparency of the glass will make goods such as floating because it looks very thin on the reason. This is the advantage of bathroom glass shelves with an innovative shape and is also suitable for use as a supplement in your bathroom…

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