Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

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Greet guests with a warm and cozy glow at the entrance or dress up their dining room for an upcoming dinner with this attractive chandelier.

When it comes to enjoying meals at home with family or friends, the dining room is a special place to make memories. So, of course, you want to accelerate your space with beautiful lighting. But do you choose the perfect fixture of light?

Several things can impact a decision of the shape and size of your table to the number of lumens or watts you may need to adjust the correct mode, especially if your space is a multi-purpose point for various activities such as craftsmanship or task. To help you light things up, we’ve gathered our favorite tips and ideas for the dining room lighting.


Shabby Chic Chandelier

Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

To make this informal dining room get the most special everyday feeling used for formal occasions, the designers in the McGee studio have installed an Italian-inspired chandelier purchased in the shadow of Light. The shabby chic accessory elevates the space without leaving a demanding impression.

Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

Tip: Candelabra The use of multiple bulbs can send a lot of light. Installing a dimmer switch will allow you to control the brightness.


Crystal Chandelier

Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

In the remodeling of this House, the purpose of interior designer Zoë Feldman was to create a cozy space with a modern edge. To achieve the goal in the dining room, Feldman installed a crystal Restoration hardware boule chandelier. Its sleek appearance has a less is more vibe than it is just elegant enough for the modernist-inspired space.

Tip: Long light fixtures like this work better for more centered tables that seat more than six people.


Linear Chandelier

Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

Who says the candlesticks have to be all glam and glitz? Here a linear example of the collection of Kichler Alden is an elegant gesture that does not oppress a neutral space by Leslie Cotter’s interiors.


Retro Hourglass Chandelier

Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

The elegant dining room of Leslie Cotter interiors combines neutral colors and bold wallpapers from the Thibaut Watermark collection with a retro-sanded watch lamp designed by rejuvenation.


Glass Bubble Chandelier

Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

Wow-worthy of enlightenment does not have to cost a small fortune. While the light fixture in this beautiful dining room by Heidi design Caillier cost thousands of dollars, the glass bubble ORB spider by the world market is a perfect imitation shot that cost less than $200.

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