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The sheer size of Bassett’s furniture and many years of experience have provided them with a powerful eye for design trends, and the ability to develop furniture that will remain relevant for many years. Crisp colors and shapes are found in your accent pieces when you can see powerful neutral shades and rich texture upholstery on your sofas and chairs. Bassett understands that when you buy furniture it’s not like buying a car-the furniture you buy affects your whole house and has the potential to brighten-or moisten-your daily mood. Bassett Furniture has many whole collections of furniture that work together to form a harmonious presence of the utmost style and functionality that can afford a single room style, or combine through and throughout the residence.


I have a review of Bassett client:

Buying furniture is one of my most hated activities. I have never been very good at designing interiors, and as usual suffer from the paradox of choice, so I was very happy the first time we entered a Bassett furniture store. On our first visit, we were buying a couch. One of their designers welcomed us in the shop and was extremely friendly and helpful. She showed us several options that could work for us and was not insisted on everything. While we experience some adhesive shock, we are impressed with the shop and excited to know that the furniture is made here in the USA. In fact we were so impressed that we were back on the same day to make an order for not one but two sofas, despite all the negative reviews we read in Yelp.

30 days later… Our furniture has been delivered to our house. I don’t remember when it was the last time I got excited when I received the furniture. I’m usually the kind of guy who’s more excited about gadgets and electronics. When we inspected the sofas, we noticed some strings coming out of the fabric, but they looked great and we considered it a minor flaw. I called Bassett’s customer service and they sent someone to remedy the problem by cutting off some of the excess tissue.
We were so happy with the sofas, within a few days we appeared in Bassett again (different branch this time). This time we needed a dinner game. As we expected, we were greeted once again by a very friendly and talented designer/seller. She helped us choose a set of dinner that would work in our space. And once again, we were surprised by the adhesive shock. $1200 for a table, $250 for a single chair, almost $500 for an upholstered chair. Wow. Certainly, more than we had budgeted. But you get what you pay for, right? If Bassett is charging such high prices, they must be making high-quality furniture… right? So we decided to bite the bullet and put the order. “Oh, you need me to pay for this now? Of course, here’s my credit card “He told me how I resigned goodbye to another $3300 of our hard earned money.
A week later we returned to Bassett once again… This time to order an ottoman. Not any ottoman, a leather Ottoman for $1300. “Top grain leather ” As our sales rep described.

30 days later… The “Great Revelation.” No, it’s not the interior service. It’s realizing that we buy poor quality furniture for the higher dollar. What started as a great experience has now been a total disaster. …


Bassett Furniture Review
Crushed table corner
Bassett knew about the crushed corner ahead of time and originally told me they are making a new one and this would just be a loaner. However, it has been over 2 months and I still haven’t received a new table. I’ve called customer service several times and keep getting lame excuses. Clearly they are refusing to replace the damaged table. It has been an absolute nightmare dealing with this company.


Bassett Furniture Review
Poor quality leather


Bassett Furniture Review
Scratch on leather


Bassett Furniture Review
Here you can see the piece of leather that clearly shouldn’t have passed QA


Bassett Furniture Review
Scuffs and nicks on a chair
Bassett Furniture Review
Cracked wood


Bassett Furniture Review
Poor craftsmanship – missing stain color from where two wood pieces connect


Bassett Furniture Review
More defects on wood

In addition, two of the 4 chairs are not leveled. I bought higher quality items at IKEA. How do these defects leave the factory unnoticed? How has quality control been approved? I could accept all of this if we buy in a low cost furniture store, but when you pay the best dollar for the furniture you expect to get high quality. Looks like it’s not Bassett’s case.
We were planning to buy additional items from Bassett But after this incident we decided we’d never go back to that store.

I will continue to update this blog post as the story develops. Meanwhile, I’m not going shopping in Bassett again and I can’t recommend anyone.

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