Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water

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Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water – It is common for air-conditioning users to report problems related to water leakage by the appliance. According to technicians, this problem is usually caused by a poorly-made installation or lack of maintenance and cleaning. In order to help you remedy this problem, we have decided to list the most common grounds for your appliance to be leaking water, as well as which measures to take in each case. See:

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water

Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water
air conditioner leaking water


Lack of cleaning and maintenance

This is, without a doubt, the number one cause of the water leaks in Ares-conditioning. That’s because when the inside of the internal unit (evaporator) spends a lot of time being cleaned; the dirt ends up installing and preventing the passage of water from the condensed pan to the drainage system. With this, the water leakage is originated, causing the cooling capacity of the appliance to be drastically reduced.

So that the accumulation of dirt is removed from that tray; as well as from all inside the outer unit; it is important that a specialized technician is hired to accomplish this task. It will use the appropriate tools and cleaning products to clean the air-conditioning and make it clear the condensate water for the exterior environment. It is worth remembering that cleaning of filters is also important to avoid dust accumulation. – Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Unsuccessful installation

The problem of water leakage may have originated shortly after installing the appliance. Factors such as lack of flatness and incorrect placement of the drain; which are usually ignored by lay people during the installation process; they can cause condensing water not to be transported adequately outside the environment, generating leaks or the so-known ‘ drip-drip ‘.

Hence the importance of the person hiring a specialized technician to perform the installation of his air-conditioning in the correct manner. It will certainly follow the parameters set by the manufacturer; clearly displayed in the equipment manual, and will use all of your experience to perform the installation as best possible. That way, the chances of the leaking problem originating soon in this process fall drastically. – Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Small or clogged drain

Many technicians use a drainage pipe with a very small diameter; causing the equipment not to be able to drain sufficient drainage to prevent water leakage in the internal environment. There are also cases where mold or moss form inside the drain, blocking the passage of the water. These two problems can be easily solved with the proper installation and the constant cleaning of the appliance. – Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Air leakage

If the appliance is not properly done, the hot air can easily enter the inside, which will make the air moisture condense when you find the cold air. With this, excess moisture will eventually accumulate at the bottom of the equipment, generating drip. For this problem to be resolved; it is sufficient for the technician to correct the outer part of the appliance. – Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Very cold external temperature

When the ambient temperature on the outside of the environment is a cold world, the air eventually gets wetter, causing air-conditioning to accumulate more water. And as evaporation does not occur normally because of the damper climate; it is very likely that the water from the appliance starts to leak. In this case, the person does not have to worry because the drip will end when the external temperature rises again. – Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

Broken Drain Pump

When the environment has no point near the evaporator for disposal of the drain; then the solution is to install a drain pump to pump the volume of water condensed by the tubing. But if the equipment is eliminating excess water, then it’s pretty likely the bomb is broken. Just that the specialized professional check the problem and decide if the problem is actually on the pump; so only then swap it. – Why is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

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