9 Tips to Decorate Your Yard

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During the Expoflora, Marcos Brancher and Sylvia Schleier, landscapers from Morumbi Flores, from São Paulo (SP), set up an atmosphere for parties between friends. The goal was to inspire people to create simple and cozy spaces in their own homes.

They used sustainable, low-cost materials to create the “Celebrating Friendship” area. “It does not have to be expensive to be beautiful,” says Sylvia. Check out the tips of the pair of landscapers:

1) Pallets

With a little treat, the pallets found in warehouses and fruit and vegetable markets can turn into benches and sofas. Just sanding, varnishing and putting cushions on top make them look brand new. According to Sylvia, the Palestinians generally cost between $ 7 and $ 12.

Ladder garden

Opening an old wooden staircase and creating shelves with wooden planks you can set up a practical and functional vegetable garden to amuse the children. Vases can be made with mugs, watering cans, water bottles, and other decorative objects. Wooden houses and cages give a finishing touch to space. 

Siding table and benches

Walls of works can turn benches and tables like those of the photo. Just get a treat first. Sand, pass varnish on the pieces and then nail them by assembling the furniture to the size you want. 

Plastic Bottles

Buying colored water bottles to use as pots is also a sustainable option and that makes the environment brighter. The next time you go to the supermarket, remember to reuse the packaging for this purpose. 

Orange boxes

Sylvia and Mark put wooden boards on orange boxes to welcoming banks. In space they call “Fogo de Chão”, they wanted to create the ideal environment for meetings of young friends.

Flower frame

In a practically handcrafted work, the landscapers set up a table with succulents. Sylvia says that behind the frame a screen holds the plants. “It is like a box, in which the frame is the top and you need to leave a space between it and the screen.” Succulents need to be punched carefully and do not need much water to survive. “Just spray from time to time,” says the landscaper. And if they let go, just put them back on. 

Dog house

The dog house won a green ceiling, to make the temperature more pleasant. Passionate about pets, Sylvia says she could not leave them out of the party.

 Jelly jars

Just like water bottles, jelly jars can also be reused. The tip is to wrap sisal ropes around your edge and hang them where you want. You can even enhance the decor by putting candles inside the containers. It’s beautiful to light up at night!

PVC spout

Want to bring some noise from nature to your environment? Use PVC pipes painted in copper color to make spouts in the garden. 

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